Wanderings, Warmings Up and lots of Results

Some weeks, it's a struggle to find highlights, this Saturday's Parkruns have returned loads so here's hoping I haven't missed anything:
* There were new pbs for Kimberley Skiba, Josie Lefevre and Philip Cawood at Stewart Park. Also at Stewart Park, Paul Gamble completed his 200th event.
* Phil Jarvis led the field home at Redcar where Paul Wildmore claimed the red T shirt for his 50th event.
* David Allison, Gareth Wilson, Iain Hall and Rob Poynter ran their first events at Hampstead Heath, Cross Flatts, Fell Foot and Sedgefield. Graham Tyerman and Robert Stocks sampled the refined air of Harrogate. This takes Gareth up to 71 events in total.
* In preparation for next weekend's Mauna2Mauna event in Hawaii, Sharon Gayter ran at Albert Park. The Mauna2Mauna is 250km long, equivalent to 50 consecutive Parkruns. David Allison's choice of Hampstead Heath might not be ideal for the Jura Fells either.
Here is the link to the full set of results:


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