Each NYMAC session is led by an EA qualified Coach or Run Leader.

New runners should make themselves known and the Coach/Leader will help guide you through the session, explaining what we’re doing and why and possibly pairing you up with someone of similar pace.

PicNameQualificationBiog Link
Paul McGoughCiRF About Goffy
Carolyn GaleCiRF
Alasdair TathamAssistant Club Coach
Endurance Events Coach Level 2
British Athletics Level 1
Anne RobsonLiRF
Barry MoodyLiRF
Catherine McShaneLiRF About Catherine
Dave RobinsonLiRFAbout Dave
Eddie MeehanLiRF
Maddie WhyteLiRF
Mark BrownLiRFAbout Browny
Martin LuxtonLiRFAbout Martin
Richard FawcettLiRFAbout Richie


CiRF = Coach in Running Fitness

LiRF = Leader in Running Fitness