Best race and why? – Leeds Half Marathon, 2013.

This is probably the race that I have ran the most. It’s by no means the prettiest or most interesting of routes and its quite a tough course with the first 7 miles up hill. I am not sure what happened in 2013 but it all came together on the day. For the last 4 miles I was chatting to a couple of blokes. I say I was chatting, they were doing all the talking and I occasionally grunted a response. They definitely pulled me along by distracting me for the last few miles and helped  me to  keep my pace to a pb by 6 mins.

Favourite race and why? – Paris Marathon.

This was my first marathon and I absolutely loved it. I finished in 4hrs 12, way outside my target but I didn’t care. I somehow felt that it was a privilege to be running 26 miles round the city and seeing the sights. I might have gone a bit quicker if I hadn’t of been doing so much sightseeing.

It is a standing joke that I don’t race locally, although that did change last year. But for a more local favourite race I would say the Poultry Run, not that I would be saying that to you if you asked me when I crossed the line. I like the mixture of road and the small amounts of muddy fields and it is almost all downhill for the last couple of miles. It is really well organised, there is generally a good club turnout for it and the optional fancy dress adds to the atmosphere.

Why did you get into running? – I am not really sure if I am perfectly honest.

I had never been particularly active or sporty, in fact I would do anything I could to get out of PE and games at school. When I lived in Hebden Bridge a friend persuaded me to run with her. I used to get a stitch before I had gone a mile and have to walk the rest of it. It took what seemed like months to get over this, I am really not sure why I kept at it. Eventually I did start being able to run longer distances and in my wisdom went from having no experience in racing to signing up to do the GNR in 2005. I am now running bore and a bit of a endorphins addict. I now recognise how important running is to help me keep sane and know that if I just get myself out after a tough day that I will feel better – even if it is only a short run. I can still find a million excuses not to go and will spend longer procrastinating than actually running.

Best thing about being in a club? – The friends that I have made. I originally joined the club 10 years ago as I was new to the area. It is a far more friendly and supportive club than it was back then. The two training sessions a week really motivates me to get out and running with others means that I push myself more that I would have done on my own.

Fastest 5k? – 20:21  New Marske Summer 2018

Fastest 10k? – 41:42 Leeds Abbey Dash

Slowest race? – GNR – 2hrs 32

Worst injury suffered? – I had to pull up in the Leeds Half Marathon in 2016 with pain in my foot and had to limp the last 3 miles. I was struggling to weight bear. I didn’t get a diagnosis. The x-rays didn’t show any fractures, it could have been tendon related. I wasn’t able to run for over 2 months. Thankfully it was over the summer and I was able to cycle, being forced to get out on the bike more did mean that I did develop an enjoyment for it and got in to triathlons. Every cloud and all that.

Favourite Film? – To Kill a Mocking Bird

Favourite drink? – Can’t beat a good cuppa, well brewed and with only a drop of milk (in case you ever make me one!)

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