Mental health is something that has become a part of most peoples lives. Sometimes life becomes so busy we solely focus on ourselves and don’t notice others around us.
This page is here to help, if anybody would like it.  Below are some sites which offer advice and the names of some members who are happy to chat, should you want to.  All conversations will be confidential, unless you ask for them not to be or we suspect you are in any immediate danger.

These members are willing to listen, just click on a name to contact them or use whatever alternative method suits you best.

Paul McGough, Mark Brown, Catherine McShane, Martin Luxton, Richard Fawcett, and Shelli Gordon.

As most of you will be aware Shelli lost her partner Tony through suicide. In his memory Shelli took on the challenge of The Spine race, just 268 miles! This was done to help raise awareness. Shelli is willing to talk about her experiences and listen to those that want a chat.

Below is a list of charities who offer professional help;

Young minds
NSPA – National suicide prevention alliance
SOBS – Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide
England athletics Running and Mental health guide

We all come running for our own reasons, we make friends through the running and the training we do. Some of my reasons in the past have been to come and clear my head, to chat about bad things that I was going through. From doing this the advice and conversations I have had didn’t fix things straight away, but in time I realised it helped.

Don’t be afraid to talk.