On this page you will find our general long runs for Sundays plus routes previous members have done in the Lakes. The Cleveland way routes are also below.

RouteDistanceLink to route
Country lanes - Hilton, Seamer, Newby, Matlby13.1mLong run #1
Cycle paths to the Barrage and Newport bridge13.25mLong run #2
Myton, Preston farm, Yarm, Country lanes to Hilton13.56mLong run #3
Myton farm, Coulby Newham, Acklam13.56mLong run #4
Sunday long run22m22 miler
Kildale to Westerdale, Ralphs cross, Castleton to Commondale18.8mCommondale
Patterdale, St Sunday Crag, Fairfield, Cofa pike, Brothers water13mLakes run 1
Patterdale, Boardale, Ullswater9.26mLakes run 2
Patterdale6mLakes run 3
Patterdale upto Red Tarn8.2mLakes run 4
Patterdale to Hayeswater9mLakes run 5
Patterdale to Grisedale tarn11mLakes run 6
Ullswater loop21mLakes run 7
Helvellyn loop 2018 - Gt Dodd, Raise, Helvellyn, Dollywagon18.75mLakes 2018 Saturday run
Pooley bridge to Glenridding10mLakes 2018 Saturday run
Oakdale short route11mOakdale short run
Oakdale longer route12.6mOakdale route 2
Guisbrough Moors AC12.2mMoors recce

Cleveland way routes

Most of the legs can be found in Strava with the links below. If anyone has the outstanding two legs would you send me the links so I can update them.

LegFromTokm (miles)Strava record of leg
1FileyScarborough13.5 (8.4)www.strava.com/activities/11588468
2ScarboroughCloughton10 (6.2)www.strava.com/activities/620989972
3CloughtonRavenscar8.8 (5.5)www.strava.com/activities/621853120
4RavenscarRobin Hoods Bay5.8 (3.6)www.strava.com/activities/334579047
5Robin Hoods BayWhitby11.4 (7.1)www.strava.com/activities/177947079
6WhitbyRunswick12.8 (8.0)www.strava.com/activities/62275566
7RunswickSkinningrove13 (8.1)www.strava.com/activities/156679949
8SkinningroveSlapewath13.6 (8.5)www.strava.com/activities/62303930/
9SlapewathGribdale12.2 (7.6)www.strava.com/activities/11639337
10GribdaleBattersby Moor7 (4.4)www.strava.com/activities/365282234
11Battersby MoorClay Bank11 (6.8)www.strava.com/activities/335026277
12Clay Bank (2pm mass start)Carlton Bank5.6 (3.5)www.strava.com/activities/156766367
13Carlton BankOsmotherly12 (7.5)www.strava.com/activities/334831431/overview
14OsmotherlySneck Yate12.6 (7.9)www.strava.com/activities/156860354
15Sneck YateHambleton Inn10.4 (6.5)www.strava.com/activities/156803865
16Hambleton InnHelmsley11.4 (7.1)www.strava.com/activities/156896074

The correct distances have been added from the Strava accounts.

To request a leg please mail nymac2011@hotmail.com.