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The Cleveland Way Relay is a race on foot around the course of the Cleveland Way long distance footpath  (For further information on the Cleveland Way see Normally, the event is run from Filey to Helmsley, though occasionally it has been run in reverse.  The total distance is approximately 109 miles / 176km.

The next race takes place on Sunday 23rd June 2019.

Results for 2018

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Teams consist of up to 16 runners, at least one of whom must be female.  It is intended that teams should represent an organisation (e.g. a running club or an orienteering club), though composite teams are acceptable where it is not possible to find sufficient participants from a single organisation.  Generally, competing teams tend to use from 14 to 16 runners.

Each runner must cover a distance of at least five kilometres.

Start and Finish

The event starts from Filey Landing Stage (i.e. the beach) at 5 am.  Although the start may seem very early, this is important in order to ensure that everyone finishes in Helmsley before the Fish and Chip shop closes!

The finish is the cross in the market place in Helmsley.  This is normally a good meeting place for all participants and supporters, as food and drink can be bought and there are several pubs nearby.

The actual time of the finish varies somewhat according to the speed of the teams, but most teams finish between 5:30pm and 6:30pm.

Necessary Experience / Ability

The event is aimed largely at running and orienteering clubs, though other clubs with a fit and active membership are welcome to participate.  Typically, teams incorporate a range of abilities.  The event is split into a series of legs of different lengths and difficulty, which allows a team captain (or other individual) to match their runners against suitable legs.

The event is not designed to be a test of navigational ability, though runners unfamiliar with the terrain are advised to take a map with them, as the official Cleveland Way signs are not always to be found.

Mini-mass start

In order for the event to avoid continuing into the night, a mini mass start takes place at Clay Bank at 2pm.  If the incoming runner for a club would not be expected to arrive before about 2:30pm, it is recommended that the next runner begins at 2pm.


The winning team is the team which takes the least aggregate time to cover the total distance of the event, in compliance with the rules of the event.  The team which arrives first is not automatically the winning team, as they may have participated in the mini mass start.


Entry to the event is free and there are no prizes.  All runners, helpers etc. take part at their own risk.  The event is run on trust; there may be one or two marshals, there may not.  If you would like to enter a team, please let organiser Martin Dietrich know by sending him an email

CLOK members who would like to be included in one of the CLOK teams should contact the relevant CLOK organiser (currently Chris Wright).

Access restrictions at a few of the changeover points may require team numbers to be limited, so please contact the organiser sooner, rather than later.

The Route

Runners must follow the course of the Cleveland Way, wherever possible.  There are two dog legs: Roseberry Topping and the White Horse.  These must both be visited.  There are no official routes through Scarborough and Whitby where runners may choose whichever route they please. In Saltburn however the route crosses the river then makes its way up Saltburn Bank via paths and steps, past the Band Stand then diverts back down onto the woods.

It is the responsibility of each runner to find their own way.  The route is better marked in some places than in others.  Markings usually consist of a “Cleveland Way” sign or an Acorn symbol.  These signs may not be too hard to follow when walking, but they can be more difficult to spot when running.  No special markings are used for the event.

Between Filey and Saltburn the route follows the coast i.e. the sea should always be to the runners’ right hand side.  In some places, however, there are several paths, only one of which is the correct (and normally shortest) one.  After Saltburn the route moves away from the coast.  Although the paths are generally well trodden, mistakes have been made in the past.

It is advisable to survey the route in advance.  When this is not possible, it is recommended to run with a map.  Although it is sometimes possible to follow other runners, they too can make mistakes, or run at a different speed!

The legs

Teams may split the event into legs of their own choosing, but experience has taught those clubs who participate regularly that there are good places to start and finish legs.  The standard legs are listed below.

Not only is it usually easier to handover at these points, it is generally more sociable, as all the teams tend to congregate in the same area.



Approx Dist / Km

‘Normal’ Start of leg

Grid Ref.


Filey LandingScarborough


Take a left as you come into Fileyand head down the beach. North end of Filey.

121 810




South end of Valley bridge, which is bridge out to Filey. This is in town, off the official Cleveland Way.

041 880


Cloughton WykeRavenscar


A little snicket out of Clough Village which heads down to sea at north end of village, just as road does sharp turn.

020 952


RavenscarRobin Hoods Bay


Down to village to Fyling Hall Hotel, turn right and where Cleveland Way comes out onto roundabout 200m from turn. On that leg, if sea is out, you can go along beach.

981 016


Robin Hoods BayWhitby


Near toilets in car park top of village.

951 053




Whale bones above town.

897 114




Top of the very big hill in village

806 161




On harbour on front. On this leg make sure you go up SaltburnBank past the bandstand (see note above)

713 201




The parking spot over the road from Fox and Hounds Pub

643 157


GribdaleBattersby Moor


Car park before you go up to Captain Cooks Monument

592 110


Battersby MoorClay Bank


Above Kildale up the big hilly track to somewhere near the top

616 076


Clay BankCarlton Bank


On the road to Chop Gate

573 033


Carlton BankOsmotherly


The gates near Lordstones café – road crossing

523 030


OsmotherlySneck Yate


In village near where it turns left through a little archway in the village

456 972


Sneck YateHelmsley Road


Where it crosses the road near the top of the hill

506 875


Helmsley RoadHelmsley


After it crosses the Helmsley Road, where the track drops into the woods

523 830


HelmsleyVillage centre, finish by touching the memorial in town centre

612 838

Most of the legs can be found in Strava with the links below. If anyone has the outstanding two legs would you send me the links so I can update them.

LegFromTokm (miles)Strava record of leg
1FileyScarborough13.5 (8.4)
2ScarboroughCloughton10 (6.2)
3CloughtonRavenscar8.8 (5.5)
4RavenscarRobin Hoods Bay5.8 (3.6)
5Robin Hoods BayWhitby11.4 (7.1)
6WhitbyRunswick12.8 (8.0)
7RunswickSkinningrove13 (8.1)
8SkinningroveSlapewath13.6 (8.5)
9SlapewathGribdale12.2 (7.6)
10GribdaleBattersby Moor7 (4.4)
11Battersby MoorClay Bank11 (6.8)
12Clay Bank (2pm mass start)Carlton Bank5.6 (3.5)
13Carlton BankOsmotherly12 (7.5)
14OsmotherlySneck Yate12.6 (7.9)
15Sneck YateHambleton Inn10.4 (6.5)
16Hambleton InnHelmsley11.4 (7.1)

The correct distances have been added from the Strava accounts.

To request a leg please mail

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