Club record amendments

29th March 2024Three new club records in the Easter Coast Road 5 Miler.
Alasdair Tatham V50 27:08 was 28:15 to Victor Brudenell at Hartlepool in April 2022.
Easter Coast Road 5 Mile Results
29th March 2024Next, Sam Wilson, U20 29:08, was 29:58 to Harry Potter at Hartlepool April 2018.See above
29th March 2024And Laurence Taylor V70, 34:15 , Was Doug Welsh also Hartlepool 2018.See above
17th March 2024Laurence Taylor sets new 10 mile V70 record at Thirsk with 1:11:08 beating the record set at Thirsk two years earlier by Martin Luxton of 1:25:05.Thirsk 10 2024 results
3rd March 2024Sam Wilson sets our first U20 HM record with 1:19:07 at Middlesbrough.Middlesbrough Half Marathon 2024 results
3rd March 2024David Watkins sets new V55 HM record at Middlesbrough with 1:22:20 beating the one of 1:27:50 set at Redcar in 2017 by Laurence TaylorMiddlesbrough Half Marathon 2024 results
3rd March 2024Carolyn Gale sets new F70 HM club record of 1:59:59 in Middlesbough HM.Middlesbrough Half Marathon 2024 results
3rd Feb 2024Sam Wilson sets our first U20 parkrun record with 16:54 at Albert. ( Since we split parkrun from 5K records )Albert parkrun 756 results
15th Oct 2023Tracy Biney beats her own F45 10 mile Thirsk 2022 time of 1:07:16 with 1:04:47 at the Yorkshire 10 Mile.Yorkshire 10 Mile 2023
30th June 2023After split of road 5k and parkrun records,
David Watkins M55 17:27
Alison Denos F50 22:14
Ang Turnbull F55 22:16

Ali Brownlee Riverside 5k Results
30th April 2023Carolyn Gale sets new F70 5 mile club record of 42:13 at HartlepoolHartlepool Marina 2023 results
30th April 2023Andrew Ackerley 1:18:31 at Gateshead Half Marathon takes V45, previously Brian Roberts, 1:19:46 at Redcar 18th March 2007Gateshead Half Marathon 2023 Results
23rd April 2023Jack Mcgarrity sets our first U20 Marathon record with 3:56:41 at the TCS London Marathon 2023.Tracy's result page
23rd April 2023Tracy Biney 2:54:45 TSC London Marathon. Overall 12th in race in her category and 91st female. Replaces Jane Wilson's 3:08:54 from Chester Oct 2017.Tracy's result page
7th April 2023David Watkins 29:00 Spring Coast Road 5M taking V55 record from Laurence Taylor 31:56 Locke Park 10th May 2017Spring Coast Road 5M 2023 Results
19th March 2023Jack Mcgarrity sets our first U20 20 mile record with 2:50:00 at the Locke Park 20Ten
29th Nov 2022Alasdair improves his previous V50 parkrun record from 16:31 to 16:19 at St Andrews.St Andrews parkrun 457 results
20th Nov 2022Alasdair gets 56:12 at Brampton to beat the 58:55 V50 record set by Brian Roberts at Thirsk 10 in 2009.Brampton to Carlisle 10M 2022 results
18th Nov 2022Josh Abrook goes sub 16 at York 5K with 15:59York 5K Nov 22 Results
23rd Oct 2022Alasdair Tatham beats Vic's 35:07 Wrexham with 33:37 at Leeds Abbey Dash, also beating Paul Lowes MV45 34:23 34:23 from NMH 10k April 2017Leeds Abbey Dash 2022
23rd Oct 2022Victor Brudenell beats his own Boro 10k 35:22 with 34:50 at Leeds Abbey DashLeeds Abbey Dash 2022
2nd Oct 2022Alasdair Tatham runs 16:27 taking the V50 5k road record as well as holding the parkrun record. Previous record was 17:11, Brian Roberts, Spring Coast 5K, 25th Apr 2007Redcar Running Festival Beacon 5k
24th Sept 2022Alasdair Tatham has moved into V50 category with 16:31 at Albert having briefly held a 16:34 record from Keswick a week earlier.Albert parkrun event 690
4th Sept 2022Tracy Biney sets new F45 10k club record 39:16 at Middlesbrough 10k
Also takes F40 40:42 from Jane Wilson Harrogate 2/7/17
Middlesbrough 10k 2022
4th Sept 2022Victor Brudenell gets 35:22 at Boro 10k taking July 2017 Pit Stop 10k record of 39:18 from Laurence TayorMiddlesbrough 10k 2022
25th Aug 2022Victor Brudenell gets 5:10 at Tom Wall Relays taking Brian Roberts record of 30th Aug 2018Tom Wall Relay 2022 page
20th Aug 2022Victor Brudenell moves into V55 cat with 17:12 at Albert parkrunAlbert parkrun event 685
24th July 2022Victor Brudenell sets new V50 of 35:07 at the Helena Tipping Wrexham 10k. Previous record had stood since 21st Sept 2008, Brian Roberts 35:40, M’bro 10K.Helena Tipping Wrexham 10k 2022
16th July 2022Victor Brudenell beats his own V50 parkrun record of 17:03 with a new one at Albert of 16:56Albert parkrun event 680
8th May 2022Carolyn Gale gets 02:03:42 at Sunderland HM to beat her own F70 record.Sunderland Half Marathon
27th April 2022Tracy Biney sets new F45 5k club record 18:55 at NMH Spring Coast Road 5k2022 Spring Coast Road 5k results
10th April 2022Victor Brudenell sets V50 5M record at Hartlepool 28:15Hartlepool 5M
6th April 2022Tracy Biney takes the new F45 parkrun record, 19:02 at Albert,
Also takes F40 20:01 from Sharon Gayter Albert 12/9/2009
Albert parkrun event 674
19th Mar 2022Victor Brudenell sets V50 parkrun record at Hartlepool 17:03Hartlepool parkrun event 342
13th March 2022Tracy Biney sets new F45 10M club record 67:16 at Thirsk 10
Also takes F40 1:11:04 from Sharon Thirsk 10 30/11/2008
Thirsk 10
13th March 2022Martin Luxton sets new V70 at Thirsk 10, 1:25:05Thirsk 10
27th Feb 2022Alison Lloyd sets F60 10 mile record at Snake Lane 01:36:46Snake Lane 2022
16th Jan 2022Tracy Biney sets new F45 HM club record 87:05 at the Brass Monkey
Also takes F40 1:34:13 from Jane Wilson Brass Monkey 15/1/2017
and OPEN 1:28:23 from Lisa Finlay Dumfries 23/9/2007
Brass Monkey 2022 results
10th Oct 2021Ged Hall sets new V65 HM record of 1:55:59 from Barry Moody who keeps his same M70 record.Redcar Half Marathon 2021
26th Aug 2021Tracey Biney sets new F45 ( and F40, Open ) mile record 5:52 in Tom Wall RelaysTom Wall Relay 2021
21st April 2021Carolyn Gale sets F70 5k record at Croft 5k 25:24Croft 5k results
19th May 2019Paul Lowe breaks his own mile record as a V45London Westminster Masters 1 mile
8th May 2019Laurence Taylor sets a new 5 miles record in the over 65 cat - previous holder was Eddie Meehan
19th April 2019Harry Potter betters his 10k JM15-19NMH results
19th April 2019Laurence Taylor sets a new 10k record in the over 65 cat - no previous record
30th March 2019Laurence Taylor sets a new 5k record in the over 65 cat - no previous record
17th March 2019Laurence Taylor sets a new 10 mile record in the over 65 cat - no previous record
13th Jan 2019Andrew Ackerley sets a V45 Half Marathon time. Previous holder was Brian RobertsBrass Monkey half results
30th Aug 2018Brian Roberts sets a new mile record
14 Oct 2018Brian Roberts breaks the M55 and M60 records for the marathonYork marathon
14th Oct 2018Catherine McShane breaks the ladies 10 mile F40 record from Sharon Gayter10 mile results
5th SeptemberHarry Potter breaks the previous 5k recordNMH 5k results
1st May 2018Eddie Meehan breaks his own 100m record at the Nysd meeting #2Nysd meeting #2
25th April 2018Harry Potter breaks his own 5k record at the Spring coast 5kSpring coast 5k
15th April 2018Laurence Taylor breaks the M60 record at Vale of York 10 miler from Gavin Struthers
15th April 2018David Watkins equals the M50 record at Hartlepool 5 miler alongside Bryan Roberts


 Amendment Source 
8th Oct 2017Kath Blakey breaks the F50 10 mile record by over 3 minutes.(Sharon Gaytor)
8th Oct 2017Jane wilson betters her own FOpen & F40 marathon record at Chester.
1st Oct 2017Laurence Taylor breaks M60 half marathon  record at Redcar. (Gavin Struthers)
10th May 2017Laurence Taylor breaks M60 5 miles record at Locke park which had stood since 2011 (Eddie Meehan)
1st May 2017Laurence Taylor breaks M60 10k record at Tees Barrage which had stood since 2014 (Peter Gamble)
2nd April 2017Jane wilson breaks Lisa Finleys FOpen marathon record at Manchester which had stood since May 2007
2nd April 2017Jane Wilson breaks Sharon Gaytors F40 Marathon record at Manchester which had stood since 2009
25th September 2016Barry Moody breaking Mark Adlard’s 9 year old M70 Half Marathon record at the Redcar Half MarathonOfficial Result
7th September 2016Barry Moody breaking his own M70 5k record at the NMH Autumn Coast Road 5kOfficial Result
20th July 2016Barry Moody breaking his own M70 5k record at the NMH Summer Coast Road 5kOfficial Results
29th May 2016Barry Moody breaking Mark Adlard’s 10 year old M70 5k record at the Boro 5kOfficial Result
20th March 2016Martin Luxton breaking Eddie Meehan’s M60 20 mile record at Hull 20Official Result
6th Sep 2015Catherine McShane breaking Sharon Gayter’s 6 year old ladies F40 10K recodOfficial Result
28th Sep 2014Sharon Gayter setting the ladies F50 Half Marathon record at Redcar Half
27th Sep 2014Sharon Gayter taking 6 seconds off her F50 5K recordOfficial Results
25th May 2014Sharon Gayter taking nearly 2 hours off the F50 marathon record held by Anne Robson
3rd May 2014Sharon Gayter setting the F50 20 Mile record (no previous record holder)
23rd March 2014Sharon Gayter taking 15 minutes off Pat Thwaites’ 7 year old F50 10 mile record
21st May 2014Sharon Gayter taking nearly 9 minutes off Joan Brown’s 7 year old F50 10K record
14th May 2014Sharon Gayter setting the F50 5 Mile record (no previous record holder)
31st May 2014Sharon Gayter breaking the F50 5K record held by Ann Robson
23rd August 2014Gavin Struthers lowering the M60 half marathon by over 2.5 minutes from Bill Ferguson.Official Results
1st June 2014Peter Gamble 19:39 (M60) 5K record, knocking 12 seconds off Bill Fergusons record.Official Results
23rd March 2014Peter Gamble 1:09:43 (M60) 10 mile record, knocking over 90 seconds off Ken Farrells record.Official Results
15th February 2014Matty Hynes 14:30 (Open) club 5k taking 22 seconds off his own record at the Albert Parkrun.Official Results
17th November 2013Matty Hynes 29:23 (Open) club 10k record lowering his own record by 30+ seconds while winning the Leeds Abbey Dashcool.Official Results
3rd November 2013Ken Farell 1:11:17 (M60) 10 mile record knocking over 1 minute off his own record from last year, see below smileyOfficial Results

 4th November 2012

Ken Farrell 1:12:29 (M60) 10 mile record knocking nearly 4 minutes off Barry Moody’s previous record.Official Results

3rd February 2013

Matty Hynes 23:57 (Open) club 5 mile record smashing David Gitau’s record and dipping under 24 minutes.Official Results

19th August 2012

Matty Hynes 29:55 (Open) club 10k record lowering Martin Scaife’s record and dipping under 30 minutes.Official Results

6th May 2012

Bref O’Rourke 2:28:24 (M60) at the Coniston Fell RaceOfficial Results

25th April 2012

Paul Lowe 16:17 (M40) club 5k record beating Vic BrudenellOfficial Results

13th June 2010

Paul Lowe 1:10:56 (M40) club half marathon recordOfficial Results

20th March 2011

Jim Bulman 1:55:58 (M40) club 20 miles recordOfficial Results

12th Sept 2011

Vic Brudenell 16:28 (M40) club 5K recordOfficial Results

28th May 2011

Matty Hynes 14:52 (Open) club 5K record bettering David Gitau’s 2005 recordOfficial Results

16th April 2011

Eddie Meeham 19:55 (M60) club 5K recordOfficial Results

12th Sept 2009

Sharon Gayter 20:01 (F40), Anne Robson 24:35 (F50) club 5K recordsOfficial Results

6th Sept 2009

Sharon Gayter’s 3:29:58 betters her own 3:32:12 Club F40 Marathon recordOfficial Results

11th July 2009

Lyke Wake Walk  records: 6:51 Martin Dietrich (M40),  7:27 Eddie Meehan (M50)Official Results

21st June 2009

New 10K record Paul Lowe (M40) 32:57Official Results

16th June 2009

New Female Whorlton Run record by Charlotte Sanderson (48:22) which betters Alison Raws 49:30Official Results

2nd June 2009

New Ossy Oiks records by Jim Bulman (48:10) & Pippa Whitehouse (55:34)Official Results

19th May 2009

Matt Speake breaks Robin Bergstrands 13 year old course record by 28 secondsOfficial Results

31st May 2009

Brian Roberts 2:49:32 betters Richie Clarke’s M50 Marathon recordOfficial Results

4th May 2009

Marie Stansmore female club 10K record with 38:31, Paul Lowe (M40) 32:43Official Results

26th Apr 2009

Nathaniel Williams betters his own club Marathon record by nearly 2 minutesOfficial Results

25th Apr 2009

Anne Robson’s 26:01 betters Joan Browns F60 club 5K record by 3 secsOfficial Results

22nd Apr 2009

Marie Stansmore’s 18:51 betters Kendra White’s 20:03 (4 day old) female club 5K recordOfficial Results

22nd Apr 2009

Sharon Gayter’s 20:12 betters her own 20:34 club F40 5K recordOfficial Results

21st Apr 2009

Sharon Gayter’s 33:27 betters Kath Blakey’s  club F40 5 mile record by over 3 minutesOfficial Results

18th Apr 2009

Kendra White’s 20:03 betters Sharon Gayter’s  20: 34 club female 5K recordOfficial Results

10th Apr 2009

Marie Stansmore’s 39:23 betters Lisa Finalys female club 10K record by 16 secondsOfficial results

5th Apr 2009

Marie Stansmore & Kath Blakey set inaugural club 5 mile records with 31:49 & 36:45 (F40)Official Results

5th Apr 2009

Brian Roberts 28:40 betters Rob Pollard’s 30:02 M50 record and Barry Moody’s 38:49 betters Mark Adlards 51:58 M60 club 5 mile records.Official Results

15th Mar 2009

Brian Roberts sets inaugural M50 club 20 mile record with 2:06:31Official Results

9th Mar 2009

Lucy Clough sets inaugural female club 20 mile record with 2:37:05Official Results

1st Mar 2009

Erika Johnson breaks Rowan Johnson Commondale Clart record by 41 secs with 43:09Official Results

1st Feb 2009

Sharon Gayter’s 42:21 betters Caroline Pollard’s 42:47 F40 Club 10Km recordOfficial Results

31st Jan 2009

Sharon Gayter’s 20:34 betters Kendra Whites 20:36 Club 5Km recordOfficial Results

25th Jan 2009

Sharon Gayter’s 3:32:12 betters Carol Dell-Price 3:49:25 Club F40 Marathon recordOfficial Results

18th Jan 2009

Sharon Gayter’s 95:53 betters Caroline’s Pollards 97:01 Club F40 Half Marathon recordOfficial Results

30th Nov 2008

Barry Moody’s 76:17 Thirsk 10 betters Vince Thwaites 80:05 Club M60 10 mile recordOfficial Results

30th Nov 2008

Sharon Gayter’s 71:04 Thirsk 10 betters Pat Thwaites 96:24 Club F40 10 mile road recordOfficial Results

30th Nov 2008

Brian Roberts 59:10 Thirsk 10 betters Rob Pollards 61:26 Club M50 10 mile road recordOfficial Results

27th Oct 2008

Richard Bellamy’s betters his own M40 club Marathon record with 2:39:22 in DublinOfficial Results

21st Sep 2008

Richard Bellamy’s 33:58 Mbro 10K betters Robin Bergstrands 34:03 Club M40 10K recordOfficial Results

21st Sep 2008

Brian Robert’s 35:40 Mbro 10K betters Rob Pollard’s 37:33 Club M50 10K recordOfficial Results

16th Aug 2008

Barry Moody’s 21:45 betters his own Club M60 5Km recordOfficial Results

3rd Aug 2008

Nathaniel Williams 51:08 ‘Sale Ten’ betters Paul Lowe’s 53:44 Club 10 mile recordOfficial Results

9th July 2008

Martin Scaife betters Nathaniel William’s 10K club record by 60 secs clocking 31:07.Official Results

17th June 2008

Andy Hilton breaks Whorlton Run record by 1:42 seconds clocking 40:56Official Results

3rd June 2008

Tom Cornthwaite breaks Andy Hilton’s Ossy Oiks record with 48:54Official Results

25th May 2008

Nathaniel Williams 2:25:32 in the Edinburgh Marathon betters his own 2:29:39 recordOfficial Results

25th May 2008

Richard Bellamy’s 2:39:43 in the Edinburgh Marathon betters his own club M40 recordOfficial Results

23rd Apr 2008

Richard Bellamy’s 16:46 betters Keith Dowson’s  17:00 M40 club 5Km recordOfficial Results

23rd Apr 2008

Barry Moody’s 22:42 betters Mark Adlards 29:42 M60 club 5Km recordOfficial Results

23rd Apr 2008

Sharon Gayter sets inauguralF40 club 5Km record with 21:36Official Results

13th Apr 2008

Anne Robson sets inaugural W50 club Marathon record with 5:05:32Official Results

13th Apr 2008

Richard Bellamy’s 2:41:03 betters Keith Dowson’s 2:43:57 M40 club Marathon recordOfficial Results

6th Apr 2008

Richard Bellamy’s 27:55 betters Ian Glover’s 29:19 M40 club 5 mile road recordOfficial results

30th Mar 2008

New New Eskdale Eureka record: Andy Hilton 69:48Official Results

16th Mar 2008

New New Eston Nab records: Charlie Stead 33:52, Erika Johnson 42:16Official Results

16th Mar 2008

Nathaniel Williams 68:47 Ackworth Half Marathon betters his own club recordOfficial Results

9th Mar 2008

Nathaniel Williams sets inaugural 20 mile club record in The Stafford 20 with 1:52:39Official Results

2nd Mar 2008

New Commondale Crossing / Clart records: Richard Bellamy 36:02, Rowan Johnson 43:50Official Results

23rd Feb 2008

Vince Rutland (847th) betters Peter Connor’s 864th (M50) in National Cross-Country Champs at Alton Towers.Official Results

23rd Feb 2008

Karen Heppenstall sets inaugural highest club ladies position (212th) in Nationa Cross-Country Champs at Alton TowersOfficial Results

20th Jan 2008

Richard Bellamy’s 1:14:33  betters Keith Dowson 1:17:15 M40 club half-marathon recordOfficial Results

16th Jan 2008

Andy Hilton (Acorn) betters Paul Lowe’s Clay Bank East record by 4 secs with 35:31Official Results

8th Dec 2007

Martin Dietrich betters his own 50 mile record clocking 8:00:50 in Round Rotherham RompOfficial Results

8th Dec 2007

Karen Heppenstall’s 22nd betters Diane Jobson’s 36th, Richard Bellamy’s M40 31st equals Joe Blackett’s 31st and Rob Pollard’s (M50) 70th place betters his own 77th in NE X/C Champs at SummerhillOfficial Results

2nd Dec 2007

Richard Bellamy sets new M40 club record with 55:48, Rob Pollard betters his own M50 record by 1 second with 61:26, Kendra White betters Lisa Finlay’s FO record by nearly 2min with 66:41, Vince Thwaites sets inaugural M60 record with 80:05 and Vince’s wife Pat sets the inaugural F50 record with 96:24 all in Thirsk 10. (phew!)Official Results

17th Nov 2007

Rob Pollard betters his own M50 62:29 10 mile club record with 61:27 in Brampton-Carlisle 10.Official Results

4th Nov 2007

Paul Lowe’s 53:44  betters Nathaniel Williams 55:49 club 10 mile record in the Derwentwater 10.Official Results

6th Oct 2007

Roger Tomlin betters his own Langdale Horshoe club record by secs with 2:29:19 and  Richie Clarke betters his own V60 record by 5 mins with 3:32:13Official Results

23rd Sep 2007

Lisa Finlay betters her own club female 1/2 Marathon record by 26 secs with  1:28:23Official Results

23rd Sep 2007

Jim Bulman’s 39:24 betters Andy Burt’s  40:42 in the Cock Howe & Beyond race.Official Results

16th Sep 2007

Nathaniel Williams 2:29:39 (chip time) in the Robin Hood Marathon betters Richard Bellamy’s 2:42:09.Official Results

16th Sep 2007

Rob Pollard sets new club V50 10K road record with 37:33 in the Mbro 10K, bettering his own 37:39. Joan Brown sets inaugural F50 record with 52:42Official Results

2nd Sep 2007

Nathaniel Williams sets new club 10 mile record in Chesterfield Spire 10 with 55:49 bettering Richard Bellamy’s 56:06.Official Results

2nd Sep 2007

Alec Duffield’s 37:25 betters Matty Wynn’s 39:17 record from 2001 and Veronique Oldham’s 45:20 betters Alison Raw’s 45:44 from 2006 in the Pinchinthorpe Plod.Official Results

21st Aug 2007

Jim Bulman’s 37:48 breaks Andy Kilding’s 38:20 Guisborough Grunt recordOfficial Results

7th Aug 2007

Jim Bulman’s 47:11 breaks George Ehrhardt’s 48:08 Gribdale Gallop recordOfficial Results

7th July 2007

Richard Clark set new club Lyke Wake Race record (6:36) while Kendra White sets inaugural club women’s record (8:08)Official Results

3rd July 2007

Alec Duffield sets new outright record in  Langdale End fell race (41:17)Official Results

1st July 2007

Richard Clark breaks club Skiddaw record with 1:23:50, Dave Robinson breaks his own V40 record with 1:34:35, Trevor Symonds his own V50 record with 1:48:39Official Results

20th June 2007

Inaugural club fell record set at Langstrath by Andy Laing – 58:48Andy Laing

9th June 2007

Richie Clarke knocks 44 mins off Steve Hutchinsons M60 club Swaledale record with 4:27Official Results

2nd June 2007

Wharfedale Marathon inaugural femal record by Cath Worth (4h 06m 21s)Official Results

27th May 2007

Lisa Finlay sets new club female marathon record with 3:13:32 and Carol Dell-Price sets new F40 record with 3:49:25 in Edinburgh MarathonOfficial Results

26th May 2007

Simon Deakin’s4:18:04 betters Richie Clarke’s 5:40:31 in Isle of Jura fell raceOfficial Results

29th Apr 2007

Roger Tomlin 3-Peaks 3:36:22 betters Simon Deakin’s 3:49:14Official Results

25th Apr 2007

Brian Roberts 17:11 5K M50 Club Road record betters Rob Pollard’s 18:09Official Results

21st Apr 2007

Roger Tomlin’s 1:54:44 Anniversary Waltz  betters  Garry Burnip’s 2:01:25. Peter Whewell set inaugural M60 club record with 2:59:25Official Results

6th Apr 2007

Robin Bergstrand sets new club V40 10K road record with 34:03 in the Mermaid 10K, betteringKeith Dowson’s 34:17Official Results

6th Apr 2007

Rob Pollard sets new club V50 10K road record with 37:39 in the Mermaid 10K, bettering Peter Connor’s 38:07Official Results

1st Apr2007

Inaugural Eskdale Eureka records: Joe Blackett 71:29, Kath Blakey 88:00Official Results

1st Apr 2007

Ian Glover sets new club V40 5 mile road record with 29:19 in Hartlepool Marina 5 bettering Trevor Moss’s 32:01Official Results

1st Apr 2007

Rob Pollard sets new club V50 5 mile road record with 30:02 in Hartlepool Marina 5 bettering Trevor Moss’s 32:01Official Results

1st Apr 2007

Mark Adlard sets inaugural club V60 & V70 5 mile road record with 51:58 in Hartlepool Marina 5Official Results

25th Mar 2007

Joan Brown sets inaugural W50 club 5K record with 26:04 in NMH NYSD 5KOfficial Results

22nd Mar 2007

Causey Pike, club outright. Roger Tomlin’s 39:32, betters Andy Laing’s 48:54Official Results

18th Mar 2007

Brian Roberts breaks Trevor Moss’s O/50 club half marathon record by nearly 5 minutes with 1:19:46Official Results

18th Mar 2007

Edale Skyline (club V40) Ian Hodgson’s 3:43:02 betters John Price’s 3:44:23Official Results

18th Mar 2007

Mark Adlard sets inaugural O/70 club half marathon record with 2:33:13Official Results

10th Mar 2007

Wuthering Hike, Cath Worth’s 4:53:24 betters her own 5:3805 record.Cath Worth

4th Mar 2007

New Commondale Crossing records: Jim Bulman 36:05, Kendra White 47:10Official Results

25th Feb 2007

Richard Bellamy betters Vic Brudenells club 10 mile  record by 2min 46 secs with  56:06.Official Results

25th Feb 2007

Bill Pennell betters club Ilkley Moors record by 4 secs with  57:49Official Results

14th Jan 2007

Alison Raw betters her own Clay Bank East record (42:12) with 41:27Official Results

9th Dec 2006

Martin Dietrich betters his own 50 mile record clocking 8:05:58 in Round Rotherham RompOfficial Results

9th Dec 2006

Rob Pollard’s (V50) 77th place betters Trevor Moss’s 88th in NE X/C Champs. Diane Jobson sets inaugural female records (36th)Official Results

18th Nov 2006

Roger Tomlin betters his own Tour of Pendle Record with 3:36:01. Ian Hodgson better’s Bob Mitchell’s V40 record with 2:59:37.Official Results

18th Nov 2006

Rob Pollard betters Peter Connor’s V50 64:20 10 mile club record (and his own V40 record) with 62:29 in Brampton-Carlisle 10Official Results

15th Oct 2006

Club Fell results checked to 15th Oct 2006Official Results

15th Oct 2006

Richard Bellamy sets new club marathon record at Cardiff with 2:42:09Official Results

7th Oct 2006

Roger Tomlin betters his own Langdale Horshoe club record by 10 mins with 2:30:02 and  Richie Clarke betters his own record by 2 mins with 3:37:12Official Results

17th Sep 2006

Becky Weight sets new women’s Viking Chase record with 76:51 bettering Caroline Pollard’s time by 6 secs.Official Results

17th Sep 2006

Mark Adlard sets inaugural V70 club 10K record with  64:56Official Results

17th Sep 2006

Ken Wilson sets inaugural V60 club 10K record with 42:01Official Results

17th Sep 2006

Nathaniel Willaims sets new 10K club record bettering Paul Lowe’s time by 37 secs.Official Results

6th Sep 2006

Rob Pollard sets new club V50 5K road record with 18:09 (equivalent to 80.03% in the age graded tables) bettering Peter Connors 18:20.Official Results

3rd Sep 2006

Alison Raw breaks her own Pinchinthorpe Plod record with 45:44Official Results

22nd Aug 2006

Andy Hilton breaks Mark Browns Ossy Oiks record with 48:59Official Results

9th Aug 2006

Inaugural Steel Fell club record set by Andy Laing 30:22Official Results

8th Aug 2006

Mark Adlard sets inugural M60 & M70 5Km club records with 29:43Official Results

8th July 2006

Richie Clarke the younger sets inaugural Wasdale V60 club recordOfficial Results

2nd July 2006

Dave Robinson breaks club Skiddaw record with 1:40:12Official Results

July 2006

Lyke Wake Walk  records: 7:36Tony Wilkinson (M40), 7:47 Eddie Meehan (M50)Official Results

20th June 2006

Garry Dunn breaks Whorlton Run record by 76 seconds clocking 42:38Official Results

17th June 2006

V50 club record Buckden Pike, V50 Bill Pennell 51:21,
V60 Richie Clarke 51:45
Official Results

10th Jun 2006

New Ennerdale club record Simon Deakin, 4:54:06Official Results

6th June 2006

Alison Raw sets new Langdale End record with 49:37Official Results

3rd Jun 2006

Inaugural Pen Y Ghent V50 record Trevor Symonds 1:08:23Official Results

27th May 2006

Inaugural 100 mile club record set by Martin Dietrich in Northumberland 100 (25:27)Official Results

20th May 2006

Old County Tops club record mixed team record, Cath Worth & Gary Armitage 10:42Cath Worth

20th May 2006

Old County Tops club record, Ian Hodgson & Simon Deakin 8:35Ian Hodgson

14th May 2006

Club V60 Buttermere record by 9 seconds – Richie Clarke, 2:22:29Official Results

9th May 2006

Club V60 Fox & Hounds record – Richie Clarke, 94:32Official Results

1st May 2006

Lisa Finlay sets new female club Marathon record, 3:18:55Official Results

30th Apr 2006

Cath Worth sets new ladies Three Peaks club record 4:33:23 Official Results

29th Apr 2006

New Coniston Club records – Open, V40, V50 classesOfficial Results

29th Apr 2006

Coniston, Helvellyn, Anniversary Waltz Fell Records addedOfficial Results

29th Apr 2006

Buckden Pike, Edale, Simonside Cairns Fell Records updatedOfficial Results

22nd Apr 2006

50 mile records by Cath Worth  & Martin Dietrich in Woldsman 50 (8:55)Official Results

2nd Apr 2006

Trevor Moss sets inaugural club 5 mile V40 & V50 road record with 32:01sOfficial Results

26th Mar 2006

Inaugural Commondale Crossing records: Julian Barwick 41:10, Kate Ruffell 54:06Official Results

12th Mar 2006

Nathaniel Williams sets new club 1/2 Marathon record with 1:10:24Official Results

12th Mar 2006

Lisa Finlay sets club female 1/2 Marathon record, 1:28:49Official Results

11th Mar 2006

Inaugural Half Tour of Pendle, Roger Tomlin, 1:13:20Official Results

11th Mar 2006

Wuthering Hike, Cath Worth 5h 38m 5s new record.Official Results

7th Mar 2006

Andy Laings Skiddaw, Glaramara & Causey Pike records added.Official Results

5th Mar 2006

Lisa Finlay, club female 10 mile road record, 1:08:40Official Results

26th Feb 2006

Trevor Symonds sets inaugural club Ilkley Moors record, 57:53Official Results

25th Feb 2006

Joe Blackett (M40) finishes 327th in National X/C ChampsOfficial Results

12th Feb 2006

Nick Swinburne sets new Castleton-Danby record with 53:16 and alison Raw sets new record with 66:59Official Results

28th Jan 2006

Joe Blackett (M40) finishes 114th in Northern X/C ChampsOfficial Results

10th Dec 2005

Joe Blackett (M40) finishes 31st in NE X/C ChampsOfficial Results

27th Nov 2005

New G’bro Three Tops records set (longer route)Official Results

19th Nov 2005

Inaugural Tour of Pendle club records added Roger Tomlin 2:39:39, M50 Bob Mitchell 3:03:17, M60 Richie Clarke 3:43:59.Official Results

12th Nov 2005

Lockwood Bounder female record correctedSharon Gayter

6th Nov 2005

Jean Cockerill sets club F40 marathon record, 4:45:53Official Results

30th Oct 2005

Sarah and Paul Hague 4th mixed team in ‘B’ class (KIMM)Official Results

14th Oct 2005

Grisedale Horseshoe  records addedOfficial Results

8th Oct 2005

Inaugural Langdale Horseshoe  records addedOfficial Results

2nd Oct 2005

Keith Dowson breaks Alan Harland’s club Marathon record clocking 2:43:57.Official Results

2nd Oct 2005

Paul Lowe’s 32:45 and Lisa Finlay’s 39:39 set new club  10K recordsOfficial Results

17th Sep 2005

Richie Clarke, Bob Mitchell & Cath Worth set new Three Shires fell race recordsOfficial Results

11th Sep 2005

Helen Tunstall betters Kirsty Winter’s  ladies Marathon record with 3:24:23Official Results

11th Sep 2005

Paul Lowe’s 33:25 betters David Gitau’s 33:45 10K recordOfficial Results

4th Sep 2005

Richie Clarkes 65th in LDMT betters Steve Libby’s 77thOfficial Results

4th Sep 2005

Sarah Hague’s 4th place in Women’s  LDMT addedOfficial Results

9th Aug 2005

Katy Rawnsley sets new Langdale End record with 50:57Official Results

6th Aug 2005

Caroline Pollard’s 4:25:27 breaks Cath Worth’s 4:49:53 Borrowdale club recordOfficial Results

28th June 2005

Pippa Whitehouse breaks Catherine Hare’s Gribdale Gallop  record by 20 secs.Official Results

26th June 2005

Keith Dowson break’s Gary Barnes 18:14 V40 club 5K record with 17:00Official Results

23rd June 2005

Ladies Wharfedale Marathon record addedOfficial Results

19th June 2005

Castleton – Danby Fell race records correctedOfficial Results

18th June 2005

V60 club Buckden Pike record, Neil Dyson 60:30Official Results

18th June 2005

Cath Worth breaks her own WHW record by 39 minsOfficial Results

14th June 2005

Paul Lowe breaks Whorlton Run record by 15 seconds clocking 43:54Official Results

11th June 2005

Mike Mahon (M50, 4:21) , Steve Hutchinson (M60, 5:11) and Caroline Pollard (F0, 4:08)  set new Swaledale Marathon records.Official Results

11th June 2005

New Club Ennerdale records, Jon Goodwin, 5:05:37, V40 Mark Willis, 5:08:40Official Results

5th June 2005

Rob Pollard breaks 10 mile V40 record with 62:45 in Thirsk 10Official Results

21st May 2005

Old County Tops club record Ian Hodgson & Simon Deakin 8:37Ian Hodgson

19th May 2005

Swaledale Marathon Records added to Fell resultsOfficial Results

15th May 2005

Vic Brudenell breaks Garry Burnip’s and Alan Harland’s  63:49 open record in Ripon 10 by over 5 mins with 58:52Official Results

15th May 2005

Peter Connor breaks Trevor Moss’s 66:53 V50 record in Ripon 10 with 64:20Official Results

15th May 2005

Dawn Lloyd sets inaugural ladies 10 mile record 1:37:55 (our only lady member so far to compete over this distance)Official Results

10th May 2005

Caroline Pollard sets inaugural ladies Sailbeck RecordOfficial Results

10th May 2005

Richie Clarke breaks his own 2:26:53 V60 Sailbeck Record with 2:22:38Official Results

10th May 2005

Bob Mitchell breaks Richie Clarkes 2:26:53 V50 Sailbeck RecordOfficial Results

10th May 2005

Joe Blackett breaks Brian Roberts 1:50:52 Sailbeck RecordOfficial Results

1st May 2005

Peter Connor breaks his own V50 club 10K Road record by 79 seconds clocking 38:07 at Kirkbymoorside.Peter Connor

27th Apr 2005

Peter Connor breaks his own V50 club 5K Road record by 32 secondsOfficial Results

26th Apr 2005

Keith Dowson breaks his own V40 10K road record by 42 secs clocking34:17 at Utrecht, HollandOfficial Results

23rd Apr 2005

Garry Burnip & Bob Mitchell set new Anniversay Waltz club recordsOfficial Results

24th Apr 2005

Cath Worth & Richie Clarke set new club records in 3 Peaks RaceOfficial Results

17th Apr 2005

Alan Harland  (2:51:52) & Richie Clarke (M60)  (3:34:24) break club Marathon recordsOfficial Results

10th Apr 2005

Paul Lowe & Joe Blackett set new club records in Gisborough Moors RaceOfficial Results

25th Mar 2005

Keith Dowson breaks his own 37:22 V40 10K road record by over 2 minsOfficial Results

20th Mar 2005

 Inaugural Edale Skyline race records addedOfficial Results

20th Mar 2005

Sarah Tunstall breaks Alison Raw’s 53:53 White horse Wander recordOfficial Results

13th Mar 2005

Richie Clarke breaks his own 102:21 V60 1/2 Marathon recordOfficial Results

13th Mar 2005

Keith Dowson breaks Roger Godley’s 80:51 M40 1/2 Marathon record  with 1:17:15Official Results

6th Mar 2005

Caroline Pollard breaks Diane Jobson’s 1/2 Marathon  1:43:28 with 1:37:01.Official Results

27th Feb 2005

Peter Connor breaks his own 40:08 10K road record by 42 secondsOfficial Results

19th Feb 2005

Peter Connor sets inaugural highest club M50 position (864th) in National Cross-Country Champs atCofton Park, BirminghamOfficial Results

13th Feb 2005

Fox & Hounds club record, Joe Blackett, 66:55 (& V40)Official Results

13th Feb 2005

Fox & Hounds V60 club record, Richie Clarke – 94:32Official Results

13th Feb 2005

Fox & Hounds Female club record, Jo Newton – 77:27Official Results

13th Feb 2005

Fox & Hounds Female V40 club record, Caroline Pollard – 83:34Official Results

29th Jan 2005

Joe Blackett finishes 141st in Northern X/C ChampsOfficial Results

26th Dec 2004

 Inaugural Simonside Cairns Fell race records addedOfficial Results

19th Dec 2004

Caroline Pollard breaks Michaela McKenzie’s 50:05 10K road record.Official Results

11th Dec 2004

Paul Lowe 11th, Joe Blackett (M40) 35th Trevor Moss 88th (V50) in NE X/C Champs,Official Results

7th Nov 2004

Alan Harland, Gary Burnip & Trevor Moss’s 10 mile times  better Rob Pollard’s 64:03, and Mike Mahon’s M50 77:14Official Results

10th Oct 2004

Inaugural Marathon ladies road record set by Kirsty Winter (3:37:03)Official Results

30th Sept 2004

Inaugural Ben Nevis fell record addedOfficial Results

26th Sept 2004

Inaugural 1/2 Mar. road records set by Diane Jobson (1:43:28). Trevor Moss O/50 with 1:24:30Official Results

19th Sept 2004

David Gitau’s sets inaugural 5 mile road record with 25:35 in The Embankment 5Official Results

17th Sept 2004

Inaugural Wasdale & Three Shires records added – thanks Pete!Official Results

15th Sept 2004

Inaugural Fairfield & Ennerdale fell records addedOfficial Results

12th Sept 2004

Inaugural Borrowdale, Sedbergh, Kentmere records addedRichie Clarke

1st Sept 2004

Peter Connor breaks Barry Moody’s 22:28 M50 5K record.Official Results

31st Aug 2004

Andy Burt betters his own Cock Howe & Beyond record by 17 secs. clocking 40:42.Official Results

8th Aug 2004

Inaugural 10K ladies road record set by Michaela McKenzie (50:05)Official Results

10th Aug 2004

Ricky Wilson and Hester Butterworth set inaugural records on new Langdale End fell race route (42:07 and 55:04)Official Results

30th Jul 2004

David Gitau’s 15:02 betters his own 15:39 5K roadOfficial Results

25th Jul 2004

Keith Dowson breaks Roger Godley’s 38:46 V40 10K record.Official Results

7th Jul 2004

Gary Barnes breaks his own 18:26 V40 5K record and Barry Moody sets M50 inaugural recordOfficial Results

28th Jun 2004

Inaugural West Highland Way club recordOfficial Results

25th Jun 2004

David Gitau’s 15:39 5K better’s Gary Barne’s 18:26Official Results

22nd Jun 2004

George Ehrhardt breaks Paul Lowe’s Gribdale Gallop record by 2 seconds.Official Results

19th June 2004

Inaugural club Buckden Pike records, Joe Blackett 35:48Official Results

12th June 2004

Inaugural club Ennerdale records, V50 Bob Mitchell 5:11:29, V60 Richie Clarke 6:41:40Official Results

6th Jun 2004

Rob Pollard’s 64:03 betters Ian Glovers 69:03 outright & M40 10 mile road  recordsOfficial Results

6th Jun 2004

Inaugural M50 10 mile Road recordOfficial Results

22nd May 2004

Inaugural Old County Tops club record,
Ian Hodgson & Simon Deakin 9:03
Ian Hodgson

12th May 2004

Inaugural Wuthering Hike club recordOfficial Results

9th May 2004

Inaugural Buttermere club recordsOfficial Results

8th May 2004

Inaugural Three Peaks club recordsOfficial Results

29th Apr 2004

Inaugural 5K club recordsOfficial Results

27th Apr 2004

Inaugural Fox & Hounds recordsOfficial Results

25th Apr 2004

Inaugural Anniversary Waltz club recordsOfficial Results

18th Apr 2004

Jonathon Skidmore sets Inaugural Marathon club record (2:58:02) at LondonOfficial Results

9th Apr 2004

Inaugural 10 mile club recordOfficial Results

14th Mar 2004

Inaugural Half-Marathon M40 club recordOfficial Results

13th Mar 2004

Wuthering Hike, Rob Bailey 4h 46m 50s inaugural men’s record.Official Results

13th Mar 2004

Wuthering Hike, Cath Worth & Kendra White, inaugural ladies record 5h 51m 5sOfficial Results

7th Mar 2004

Inaugural Half-Marathon club record – David Gitau, 73:05Official Results

29th Feb 2004

Inaugural 10K club recordsOfficial Results

18th Jan 2004

Charles Stead’s 34:34 in the Eston Nab Nee Nocker betters his previous 34:50 recordOfficial Results

30th Nov 2003

Caroline Pollard’s (T&S) 73:19 in the G’bro 3 Tops race betters Angela Hayward’s 77:32Official Results

2nd Sep 2003

Andy Burt’s (Acorn) 40:59 in the Cock Howe race betters Andy Bissells 41:27Official Results

24th June 2003

Paul Lowe breaks John Hunter’s Gribdale Gallop record by 12 seconds with 48:10Official Results

19th Jan 2003

Charles Stead’s 34:50 in Eston Nab Nee Nocker replaces Merv Burns 37:24Official Results

20th Aug 2002

Catherine Hare’s 57:25 breaks Alison’s Raw’s 58:04 in Gribdale GallopOfficial Results

11th Jul 2002

Brian Roberts 44:09 breaks Matty Wynn’s 44:21 in Whorlton Run Fell raceOfficial Results

2nd Jul 2002

Guisborough Uphill Mile records addedOfficial Results

30th May 2002

Rowan Smith’s 41:22 & Andy Bissell’s 41:27 inaugural records for Cock Howe & BeyondOfficial Results

21st May 2002

Rowan Smith’s  32:27 breaks V.Johnson’s 35:17 in Clay Bank West Fell raceOfficial Results

7th May 2002

Rowan Smith’s  36:45 breaks Alison Raw’s 39:15 in Carlton Challenge Fell raceOfficial Results

23rd April 2002

Rowan Smith’s  55:58 breaks Alison Raw’s 61:07 in Ossy Oiks Fell raceOfficial Results