Monday 15th July 2024
6:30pm – The Tourist Info Carpark at Great Ayton

Followed by a drink in the Royal Oak.

This is a nice social run, where hopefully we can get as many of the club together as possible.
The route will most likely follow the New Years Day Fell Race route, with options.

The reason is to get together in a positive manner, have a run, chat, laugh and remember some good friends.

Tom Wall
21/04/1969 - 16/07/2014

Tom was a big character who was well recognised and well thought of on the local running scene.  With a great passion for running, second only to his love for Boro, and a genuine interest in how everyone was doing he has been greatly missed.

Tony Holland
31/03/1974 - 12/07/2018

Anyone who ran with with Tony would see immediately just how much of a passion for running he had and that he left it all out there, there were no half measures.  His love and enthusiasm for running shone through and he genuinely cared about everyone, taking just as much time, if not more time, to talk to those at the back of the pack as those that were winning races.