Paul is currently the coach of the club whilst also taking on the role of Xc manager and is still an active member of the club.

Best race and why?
Manchester marathon 2018.
I got a pb, (first one in about 5 years) broke the 3 hour barrier which to be honest I’d written off ever doing a few years ago and had the race of my life from start to finish without any hiccups. I loved every minute and mile of it looking back now but never took anything for granted while running it.

Favourite race and why?
See above but if I have to pick another then the Castleton Show 10K. Over recent years despite it being hard and me finding hills tough I’ve seemed to have done quite well at it. The tougher the race the more satisfaction you’ll get from racing it right.
Thunder run 24 is up there being a team event.
Favourite cross country is Whitby.
Favourite fell race is Gisborough Moors

Why did you get into running?
I always did xc and a bit of track at school so after a 10 year break I thought it was about time I got back into it. It took years before I got back to the level I was at school.

Best thing about being in a club?
The camaraderie, the friendships and having someone to run with makes training so much easier.

Fastest 5k?
17:36 Middlesbrough 5K 2011

Fastest 10k?
36:26 Leeds Abbey Dash 2019

Slowest race?
A few marathons in a place called London.

Worst injury suffered?
Patella tendinitis in both knees at the same time from playing far too much football. I’d only just got back into running properly and I’d also start triathlon but all I could do in the early stages of recovery was go swimming!

Favourite film?
I haven’t really got a favourite but I like gangster/crime films and Tarantino films.

Favourite song?
Estranged by Guns N Roses

Favourite drink?
I haven’t got a favourite but you can’t beat a pint of orange and water when thirsty.

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