Best race and why?

I’m going to answer this as my worst race – Manchester marathon 2015. The event and organisation was excellent and i was in the best form I’d ever being in, the training the races and pbs i’d set already that year all put me in a good postion. The reason its my worst race is on completion and after gaining a well earned pb the organisers announced the course was short. Although I’ve kept my time time of 2:51:13 I really don’t like knowing my time for a marathon isn’t for the actual full 26.2 miles. 3 years on i still feel this is a mark on my record that i need to correct.

Favourite race and why?

Berlin marathon – I have always wanted to race abroad and deciding to do Berlin came with the benefit of it being ‘the fastest marathon in the world’ which suited me. The whole race and organisation was brilliant. Its also the only place i know of to hold a Rollerblading marathon the day before!

Why did you get into running?

I lost interest in playing football quite early (15 i think) So my friend from school Daniel Markley suggested we started running as his Dad Stan was keen to get him involved. We both joined Mandale harriers and ran three X/c’s and then gave up! It was later in my early 20s that a colleague who i worked with asked if i fancied the Great north run. I’ve not stopped since.

Best thing about being in a club? 

Running isn’t just about you and your times when your in a club. You gain friendships and rivalry(friendly of course) that only being part of a club can give you.

Fastest 5k?

17:04 – 2015 New Marske Autumn 5k

Fastest 10k?

35:06 – 2015 New Marske Mermaid 10k

Favourite film 

The Rock

Favourite song

Jessie Ware, Wildest moments / Placebo – Running up that hill

Favourite drink

Wainwrights ale. Went off Lager years ago