Why did you get into running?

I hated PE at school, then in my 20’s and 30’s I took up cycling and the gym. In my 40’s I let myself go and put the pounds/stones on.  Then in 2013 it was time to change things, I decided to give running a go with the “couch to 5k” and then did my first 5k Parkrun in about 30 minutes.  Next I decided to train for the Great a North Run 2014, I lost 4 stone, had fun and raised money for charity. I had a go at a few races and then I did the 2014 GNR IN 1:43 and then did the Redcar Half a few weeks later in 1:40.  I got hooked, and was introduced to NYMAC by a friend and have never looked back.

What are your ambitions? 

I ran my first marathon in 2018, Manchester in 3:57 but the last 3 miles was agony with cramp.  I would like do this again but be able to run the last 3 miles and still get in under 4 hours.  After this it will be back to improving shorter race times, aiming for a sub 21 5k, sub 43 10k and sub 1:35 HM.  In the long term I would fancy the awesome challenge of a Hardmoors full marathon, having done the Roseberry half in a steady 3 and a half hours, yes, that’s how hard they are!

Best thing about being in a club? 

Training together is fun and gives you motivation. You make new friends and there is a great social scene, especially the Lakes weekends.  Also, only club members can enjoy the fun and challenge of entering the local Cross Country races.

Best race and why?

Brass Monkey Half Marathon 2018, I had started my marathon training and this was part of the plan, everything just went well on the day, helped along by picking random runners of a slightly faster  pace as me and keeping up with them.  Came in with a HM PB of 1:38:06.

Favourite race and why?

A difficult one as there is a huge variation in races, I would say the Castleton Show Run, as it offers a challenging hilly road course and is popular with both road and fell runners, there is then a quaint country show to look around at the end.   At the other end of the scale is the Great North Run, love it or hate it, it is an amazing event.

Any other interests?

I’m a keen photographer, check my Flickr page or follow me on My Instagram page

Favourite film?

Run Fat Boy Run 🙂

Favourite song?

Queen Radio Ga Ga, and of course, Bruce Springsteen Born to Run.

Favourite drink?

Jennings Cumberland Ale.

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