Lucy’s 10-in-10


So what are the 10’s?

Well the first one is 10 marathons and the second one is 10 days.  Put those together and you have a crazy challenge for crazy people and that’s pretty much where Lucy comes in.

For those of you new’ish to the club, or old enough to have a poor memory, you may not know about Lucy’s exploits in the Brathay 10-in-10 back in 2013. While not the fastest and not even close to being the slowest, Lucy was definitely the most consistent, finishing the Challenge as 1st Lady and 6th Overall. 

With the 10 marathons coming in at;

4:14, 4:09, 4:07, 4:11, 4:06, 4:07, 4:11, 4:14, 4:20, 4:09

Despite having an ankle the size of a baby elephants on finishing Lucy has decided that she had that much “fun” in those 10 days that she’d do it again.  Some of you may have noticed the early morning fell runs and double days.  In fact some of you have helped Lucy along on her training and joining her on runs, so talking the whole way round won’t be an issue!

But what’s it all about?

Well the Brathay Trust is a Young Persons charity where the main focus is on training and developing general skills for youth and the event is linked in with the Windermere marathon, with these two events being fantastic fundraising opportunities for the trust.  So if any of you would like to sponsor Lucy then please use the below link;

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