Sharon Gaytor – adds another world record to her tally!

Sharon Gaytor, who many of us know loves a challenge, and loves to break records. So the fact she has recently completed a challenge and bagged a world record by totally smashing the previous one shows just what a worthy competitor she really is.
For those that were not aware of the challenge, it was to run 10 marathons in 10 days on a treadmill. Sharon managed to break the with a time 43 hours, 53 mintues and 39 seconds which was almost 3 hours quicker than the prvious record which was set in 2011!

Here are the splits from each of her marathons

Marathon 1: 4 hrs 21 min 21 sec

Marathon 2: 4 hrs 21 min 39 sec

Marathon 3: 4 hrs 24 min 38 sec

Marathon 4: 4 hrs 24 min 06 sec

Marathon 5: 4 hrs 23 min 55 sec

Marathon 6: 4 hrs 24 min 22 sec

Marathon 7: 4 hrs 23 min 54 sec

Marathon 8: 4 hrs 23 min 21 sec

Marathon 9: 4 hrs 23 min 25 sec

Marathon 10: 4 hrs 20 min 58 sec

Looking at Sharons facebook, its clear to see the support behind her was great. Below is some media coverage Sharon received on completing her challenge.


From everybody involved  in North York Moors, we would like to congratulate you on your achievement and say Good luck for the next one!

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