Race Together – Charity Fundraiser

We’re coming together with Swift-tees to create a fun event in aid of raising awareness towards men’s mental health and to raise money for MIND and other similar charities.

To be held on Sunday 26th January.

The location is Hemlington Lake and the Habintag Community Centre.

Arrive before 1.30pm for a race start of 2.00pm

The format is a mixed relay race, the mixture being a Swift-tees member teaming up with a Nymac member.

On arrival add your name to one of 4 lists:

Pool A – Nymac fast runner (approx sub 23 minute 5K)
Pool B – Nymac not so fast runner (approx 23+ minute 5K)
Pool C – Swift-tees fast runner (approx sub 26 minute 5K)
Pool D – Swift-tees not so fast runner (approx 26+ minute 5K)

All Pool A runners will be randomly paired with a Pool D runner and all Pool B runners will be randomly paired with a Pool C runner.

The race distance for each team is for the quicker of the pair (black race number) to run a full lap of the lake (1.2 miles) to then hand over to the slower runner of the pair (red race number) who will run a shorter lap of the lake (1 mile)
This is to be repeated twice each team to complete 4 laps in total.
Please wear you club vests.

Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd team with the much sought after wooden spoon for the final finishers.

Prior to the race there will be a mini quiz in the form of a question sheet with approximately 10 questions to answer. You can have up to 4 people in a team.

After the race there will be a picture quiz with cakes and refreshments available.

The cost is £2.50 each (£5 per team) for the race and £1 per person for the quiz.

We really do hope you can join us to support mental health and raise money for worthy charities.

Please can you give an indication if you are going to attend to race, if you wish to volunteer or would even like to bake a cake for the event, either on the facebook page or emailing Dave.