Parkrun: No more records but the achievements go on.

Parkrun might have decided to stop showing run results like Age Category Records, Most Events and First Finishes but that hasn’t stopped individual achievements. So, hats off to Isobel Russell on reaching her milestone of 250 runs, to Eddie Meehan and David Ainsley for their 677th and 642nd respectively.
If records had still been listed, we’d have seen Laurence Taylor break his 2week old record at Albert Park. His Age Related Score of 86.79 was only exceeded by Alasdair Thaham’s 88.49%. Still oil statistics, although Nymac is only third placed among number of members running at Albert park, those members have clocked up 8729 runs. At Stewart Park, Nymac lies second in number of members and runs to Swift Tees.
Here is the link to the full set of results: