NYMAC “Virtual” Easter 10k

To replace cancelled races in our club road championships, and have some fun, we set an informal challenge to run a solo 10k time trial from home over the Easter weekend, following all the current guidelines.  Two ladies and twenty gents took up the challenge.

We use age grading for the rankings as we would have done with the Mermaid 10k.

Well done all.


Age Grade PositionTime PositionNameDistance kmTime10k TimeAge-Graded TimeAge Grade %Club Champ Points
15Laurence Taylor9.9900:41:5900:42:0200:32:2182.5950
22Chris Dunne9.9800:36:0900:36:1400:33:5178.9349
31Josh Abrook10.0200:34:5600:34:5200:34:5276.6348
44Douglas Howarth10.0000:41:4300:41:4300:35:3275.1947
510Ian Latimer10.1300:44:3500:44:0100:36:1173.8446
63Paul McGough10.0000:39:2600:39:2600:36:3373.1245
715Tom Rush10.4200:51:2000:49:1600:39:0168.4744
818Sharon Gayter9.6600:52:1900:54:1100:44:3268.1050
96Nick Smith10.0600:43:2300:43:0700:39:1967.9643
1011Mark Behrens9.9800:44:0900:44:1400:40:0066.8042
1113Stuart Dawes10.0100:46:1700:46:1400:41:0765.0041
127Richard Fawcett9.9900:43:2300:43:2600:42:2662.9740
1314Ian Higgins10.0400:47:2000:47:0900:42:3862.6739
1412Neil Glasper9.9900:45:3700:45:3900:42:3962.6538
159Chris Ward10.0100:43:5800:43:5500:42:5462.2837
168Darren Clements10.0300:43:3800:43:3000:43:2661.5336
1716Dave Robinson10.1100:52:1600:51:4200:45:1259.0935
1819Mark Edwards9.8000:57:3100:58:4100:46:5556.9434
1920Kerry Jarvis9.9800:59:4800:59:5600:53:4056.5149
2022William Gayter9.9801:01:0801:01:1600:50:4952.5633
2117Dave Tate10.0300:52:3100:52:2200:50:5052.5532
2221Neil Proctor10.3401:03:1601:01:1100:54:2549.1131

You can use the headers to sort the table if needed.

Age Grade Position: Race position (based on age grading %age)

Time Position: Position based on 10k time

Distance km: Actual distance ran

Time: Time for actual distance ran

10k Time: Calculated time for 10km

Age-Graded Time: Age graded time

Age Grade %:  Age grading based on age grading calculator website

Club Champ Points: We allocate 50 for 1st place, 49 for 2nd and so on, with separate scores for ladies and gents. (Based on age grade position)

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