NYMAC February 2021 Age Graded Virtual 5k

This was the second virtual race of 2021, the first of the series of age graded 5ks ( and later virtual and real parkruns ) which count best 6 of 8.

Well done all.


Age Grade PositionTime PositionNameGenderDistance KmTime5k TimeClub Champ PointsAge Gr %Age Graded Result
18Laurence TaylorM5.0100:19:5800:19:565085.04%00:15:16
22Dave WatkinsM5.0000:18:1800:18:184983.80%00:15:30
34Douglas HowarthM5.0700:19:2500:19:094880.73%00:16:05
41Richard FawcettM5.0000:17:3600:17:364777.34%00:16:47
56David AinsleyM5.0000:19:1400:19:144677.29%00:16:48
65Paul McGoughM5.0400:19:2100:19:124574.54%00:17:25
73Richard AtkinsM5.0100:18:4500:18:434472.74%00:17:51
811Stuart DawesM5.0000:20:5600:20:564371.01%00:18:17
97Stuart TurtonM5.0100:19:5500:19:534270.46%00:18:26
1010Mark BehrensM5.0000:20:4300:20:434170.14%00:18:31
1121Gavin StruthersM5.0000:24:5800:24:584067.28%00:19:18
1219Tom RushM5.0500:24:4800:24:334067.25%00:19:18
1316Paul BowmanM9.7000:46:1800:23:523866.91%00:19:24
1417Ian LatimerM5.0300:24:0200:23:533766.84%00:19:25
1522Alison LloydF5.0000:25:1200:25:125075.40%00:19:35
169Tom NyeM5.0200:20:3300:20:283664.19%00:20:14
1715Paul BainbridgeM5.0000:23:4600:23:463564.02%00:20:17
1812Alan WrayM5.0300:22:1500:22:073463.79%00:20:21
1924Carolyn GaleF5.0100:30:1100:30:074971.07%00:20:47
2013Peter KeenM5.0000:23:2200:23:223360.38%00:21:30
2114Jamie TaylorM5.3200:25:0900:23:383259.68%00:21:45
2225Eddie MeehanM5.0000:30:2000:30:203157.58%00:22:33
2318Dave TateM5.0000:24:1700:24:173056.45%00:23:00
2423Dave RobinsonM5.0400:28:5000:28:362952.78%00:24:36
2520Paige McLeodF4.9900:24:4800:24:514859.41%00:24:51

You can use the headers to sort the table if needed.

Time Position: Position based on 5k time

Distance km: Actual distance ran

Time: Time for actual distance ran

5k Time: Calculated time for 5km

Club Champ Points: We allocate 50 for 1st place, 49 for 2nd and so on, with separate scores for ladies and gents.

Age Gr %: Age graded percentage socre.

Age Graded Result: Time after age grade adjustment.

Current mens club road champs standings here 2021 Road Championships Current Mens Standings

Current ladies road champs standings here 2021 Road Championships Current Ladies Standings

Our next club champs “Virtual” race is a non-age-graded 10k, weekend of March 13th/14th ( in place of Thirsk 10k )