Leadership in Running Fitness Course

Would you like to take the first step on the coaching ladder?  The club is looking to part-fund someone to take the Level  1 “Leadership in Running Fitness” course with a view to working with beginners at club training sessions.  This is a one day course with no assessment at the end. Qualification is by simply attending the course.  The overall cost of the course is usually around £110.

Things to include in your application:

The date of the course you wish to attend (look at the EA website for available courses)

Your experience in running

What you want out of running

How you will use the qualification to help the club and individuals within the club.

What session you can / will attend e.g. how much time you can commit to the club.

Anything else that you think will help your application.

 Please apply by emailing any member of the committee by 30th June.

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