Hej, Haga!

Petra Eriksson returned to her Scandinavian roots, running for the first time at the Haga Parkrun in Stockholm. It seems that the Swedish for First Timer and new pb is just the same as in English, so a big help reading the results.
The Club's other notable tourists were David Claybrook at Northampton and Paul Thwaites at Warrington. Less far travelled were Phil & Kerry Jarvis who added Wetherby to their list of events.
At Albert Park , David Watkins and Iain Hall paced the 20minutes and 24 30s groups respectively. Both achieved their times but I'm not sure if anyone was with them as they crossed the line. At Redcar, James Fahey crossed the line in First place.
In total, 41 Nymac members took part at 10 different events.
Here is the link to the full set of results:


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