Hardmoors 110 – Brian Laverick

Hardmoors 110 Race Report

Never wrote a report before so I appologise now if it`s not grammatically correct or boring.

Night before race, me and my wife (Pauline) traveled to Filey so that I did not have to get up at “silly o’clock” in morning. The B&B (Seaview) was very good and can highly recommend, mainly since it was full of people doing the same race and so the owner put on a pasta night (free of charge) for all with bacon butties in the morning.

After a good night`s sleep, it was off to the start for registration, kit check and briefing.

8am and we are off. I thought I would just plod along at the back and slowly get in my stride however, after 1.m miles of a tour around Filey, steps and a long queue to get to the top (lots of time was lost).

Finally settled into a place and was making good progress into Scarborough and passing lots of people, by this time the sun was out and starting too get quite hot. Made it to the Sea Life Centre where I met Pauline and had a bit of food (Banana, sweets, oatmeal).

Off again after a 10 min rest and onto the cliffs and next check point (Ravenscar). Just after passing Boggle hole, I felt my IT BAND tighten and the pain through my knee was excruciating. Had to walk/slow trot the next few miles till pain eased off.

Another food intake at Ravenscar and I was off to Robin Hoods Bay where I was glad to see Pauline and change my Shoes which were giving me hot spots on my feet.  (Only a few weeks old and definitely taking back to shop). Now changed thanks to Shelly at “Lets run”.

Next place to pass through was Whitby. The crowds were out in force and all the way from Abbey to Whale bones, it was a fight to get pass the tourists so I had an ice cream and chatted to folks asking where I was running to.  On the road to Sandsend I was hit by a plague of little black insects that kept getting in my mouth and up my nose.

Sandsend at last. Change of clothing, plenty of flat cola and a bite to eat and then off towards Runswick bay. By now I was in lots of pain when going downhill due to my IT BAND even when walking. If I walked for a while the pain subsided but came back within a few 100 metres of running again (realised that this is not going to be fun from here on).Pauline gave me painkillers and a few words of encouragement and then off to Staithes and Cowbar where I was met by Pauline’s family and this lifted my spirits up even though it had started to rain.

Skinningrove passed and finally I could see Saltburn in the distance (8.30pm) and the last of seeing the sea.

Chris Marchant was there to give me a greatly appreciated  leg massage, night time gear put on and then myself and Maddie Whyte set off towards Skelton as the daylight was fading. The dark came in as we approached Skelton and another runner asked if he could tag along because he was not sure of route.

At Slapewath Maddie kept nagging me about not eating enough and ordered my son to go and get Bovril and cheese from home for next check point. Never told Maddie that I chucked the cheese away in case I got nagged at !  When we reached Highcliffe, we met some other runners going in the other direction who had passed us over an hour earlier!! They had missed Highcliffe in the mist and were doubling back in case they got a time penalty. They also asked if they could stick with us, so Maddie was now the leader of a gang of about 6 heading towards Roseberry Topping, where she put her foot down and frog marched us up and down in good time.

At Gribdale Maddie said her goodbyes and swift tees member Alan McGarrity took over. Past Captain Cook and into the Village hall at Kildale at last. I was not feeling very well at this point and was seriously thinking of calling it a day.  My son said, “You have nothing to prove dad, you have done well, and they are other runners who are dropping out that are looking in better shape than you”. That was the spur I needed to carry on LOL, so sweet tea and food taken, back out we went.

As we approached Bloworth crossing the heavens opened again and the wind speed increased to a point were all waterproof clothing was on and I had to dig in.

At clay bank, Alan left, and Mark Brown came out to keep me company. Keep company he certainly did and to be fair to mark, he said, “you don`t need to reply, just listen” and listen I did. Even to the point where he was trying to recruit people to join NYMAC while climbing the Wainstones. Made me laugh when the bloke put a spurt on to get away.

At Lord stones, Mark Edwards joined us and by now it was throwing it down. Mark had to go back after a few more miles, so with the help of mark and his jelly babies we unexpectedly but very happily met Jonathan Skidmore and Jeff Belt. Jonathan was in his element taking pics of me in a state of exhaustion. Even the weather was changing for the better. All I could think off, was to get to Osmotherly square corner (check point) before the cut off time (On the verge of being obsessed with it). Mark dragged me the last few miles with words of encouragement and the check point was finally made (11am), 2 hours ahead of cut off time.

At this point Mark said his goodbyes and a lovely couple (Zoe Verrill & David Peel) took over for the final push.

By now it was a fast walk due to stomach cramps (not being able to eat anything) and tiredness kicking in. Sneck Yate and then Sutton bank and white horse car park. By now it was hot again and so another change of clothing and some Compeed plasters placed on several blisters. About 10 miles to go and off I set. What a long 10 miles!!!!!

Finally arrived in Helmsley and some swift tees met me to walk the last few hundred metres. Cannot deny it that I had a little sob, could hardly talk (my voice had gone).

Was great seeing all my family at the end and can honestly say “never again”. I was a broken man at the end. Think I could have done better but not complaining, after all “a finish is a finish”

If you ever think about doing it. My advice is

  1. Correct kit
  2. Have a good crew
  3. Have some good friends to meet you along the way
  4. Practice your food intakes
  5. Hydration
  6. Preparation/practice