Cleveland Way Relays 2019

Cleveland Way relays – Sunday 23rd June 2019

I’m now going to start putting teams together for the CW relays once again.

For starters I hope to get 3 full teams out – a male A team, a male B team and a full female team. So that’s up to 3 x 16 runners, potentially 48 members. We had 4 teams last year, we get good numbers at training and some good numbers at the Monday night fell runs so it should be easy enough.

In each male team there has to be at least one female runner and a male runner in the female team.
Last year the male A team won the race overall and the female team won too.
We have those trophies to defend this year and we also need to challenge for the B team trophy.

If you’re interested in running please have look at the Cleveland Way relays page, using the link below. On the page we have all the information about the relays, last years team, each leg as a Strava run so you can see the exact distance and elevation and what will be this years teams as and when we get names in.
You can let me know through this post, messenger or email on Also let Mark Brown, Richard Fawcett or Dave Robinson know at training and they can update the spreadsheet on the website.

Cleveland Way Relays page

If you’re new to the club then ask fellow members about it and how good a day it is doing your bit for the team and club.
Keep your options open if possible e.g. “I can run on the afternoon but not the morning” or “legs 2, 3 or 4 for me” or if you want a certain leg then just say.
From all the requests I’ll try and accommodate everyone.

You have 8 weeks to have a practice/recce of your leg. Pretty much all the legs are fairly easy to follow with plenty of signs.