As far North as you can go, next stop – Orkney or Shetland?

William and Sharon Gayter planted Nymac’s colours at Thurso Parkrun on Saturday, the Club’s first members to take part at the most Northerly event on the mainland. Our other long distance travellers were Paul McGough at Ashford and Phil Hughes- Narborough at Graves in Sheffield. More locally, Mark Edwards, Ian Hodgson, Bob Howe, Len Small and Philip Coleman tasted the scenery at Fountains Abbey while David Allison travelled to Catterick and Chris Walker to Harrogate.
There were first places for Rob Moore at Stewart Park and Jack Hustwitt at Flatts Lane on a day when Nymac fielded 42 runners at 10 different events.
Finally, a correction: Eddie Meehan has pointed out that, a few weeks ago, he ran at Heaton in Newcastle. It is, of course, in Manchester. Thank you Eddie.
Here is the link to the full set of results: