Wind and rain this week.

Last week’s snow was replaced by howling gales and driving rain, neither of which got in the way of the 47 Nymac members who turned out at Saturday’s Parkruns. To make a change from the usual names, here are some who ran yesterday:
* Chris Walker’s 221st and Richard Barnes’ 209th at Albert Park.
* Joe Blackett’s 98th at Redcar.
* Barry Dunne’s 323rd at Tees Barrage.
* Chris Ward’s 128th, Jamie Taylor’s 44th and Philip Coleman’s 166th at Stewart Park where Kerry Jarvis continued her recovery by walking round the course.
*Jeff Belt’s 49th at Hartlepool.
* Mark Edwards’ 194th at Flatts Lane with its views of Roseberry Topping.
* Paul Levett’s 181st and Barry Moody’s 303rd at Northallerton where is less hilly but just as muddy.
Here is the link to the full set of results: