Wasn’t just the big weekend on this weekend….

Plenty of activity this weekend from club members starting with the usual Parkrunners.

Following which the clubs ‘Nymac relays’ opened later in the day, with excellent representation by us and by the end of the day 5 places were left.

Sundays choice for some was the Hardmoors race including Brian Laverick who had entered the 110 mile race and completed it in a time of 34:59:26. Big well done Brian and I’m sure he appreciated the company out on the course from the likes of Mark Brown, Mark Edward’s, Maddie, Skiddy, and Jeff.

Next up was Melmerby 10k and Northallerton 10k with Josh Abrook and Andy Pearson finishing 4th and 6th (1st M40) respectively. Josh continuing his current form with a 10k PB

Over in Northallerton Dave Robinson, Darren Clements, and Richard Keenleyside all had solid performances.

And last but not least we had members make the journey over to Liverpool for the Rock and Roll half marathon. Matthew Carling, Phil Jarvis, Dave Ainsley, Ian Latimer, Rach Hall and Geraldine Crawford from what I’ve seen. And Kerry Jarvis running with Dave’s wife for her first time in the mile race.

Well done everyone today who raced plus those out on training runs.