Virtual Treasure Hunt 2020 Results

NYMAC Virtual Treasure Hunt 2020

Due to the unique conditions in 2020, we offered a “virtual” treasure hunt to replace our much liked annual social event.

Big thanks for Eddie and Phil who set the clues and checked the course. I then went with Eddie to try it out for real and got three wrong!

The teams could run it, following the current guidelines, over the weekend 17th – 19th July.  Nineteen teams completed the course and all had fun.

Scoring is based on the elapsed time to complete the course, then add on a penalty of 5 minutes for each incorrect or missing answer.


Overall winner was Mark Brown and his daughter with a run time of 39:45 and only one incorrect answer, giving a final time of 44:45.  Fastest time was another father and daughter team, Gavin and Kirsty, with 37:16, but three incorrect answers.  Father and daughter teams do well, Barry and Josie  were the only team to get all the questions right. Well done Jack running solo with second fastest 37:57, but, six incorrect or missing answers.  Neil and his mother did the route as an enjoyable Sunday stroll and only got one wrong.


A special mention goes to Phil and Kerry who paused their attempt to administer first aid and call the ambulance for an elderly gentleman who had fallen after being hit by a cyclist on the pavement.


Before you look at the answers, if you fancy doing the treasure hunt on your own just for fun, the details are here , and the questions are here here.

Finally, the answers ( with photos of the clues ) are here .


Results table – well done all

Scroll to the right to see results for the 15 questions.

PositionTeam NumberName 1Name 2Elapsed TimePenalty ( 5 min per wrong answer )Final TimeNumber Correct123456789101112131415
18Mark BrownLola Brown00:39:4500:05:0000:44:4514111111111111101
210Gavin StruthersKirsty Struthers00:37:1600:15:0000:52:1612111111011101101
39Phil JarvisKerry Jarvis00:48:4700:05:0000:53:4714111111111101111
47Lee MorganPaul Thwaites 00:39:2100:15:0000:54:2112111111111000111
515Craig LightfootMegan Lightfoot00:49:4300:05:0000:54:4314111101111111111
63Anne RobsonAnnemarie Wilson00:47:0300:10:0000:57:0313111111011101111
74Geraldine CrawfordAsma Shaffi00:47:0800:10:0000:57:0813111111011101111
820Mark EdwardsBob Howe00:47:0800:10:0000:57:0813111111011101111
911Sheila LevettJennie Pickard00:55:3400:05:0001:00:3414111101111111111
1021Paul McGoughDarren Carroll00:51:1500:10:0001:01:1513101111111101111
111Rich FawcettTom Nye00:42:4500:20:0001:02:4511111101110101101
1212Simon PickardHenry Pickard00:54:1500:10:0001:04:1513111101111111101
1319Jack Hustwitt00:37:5700:30:0001:07:579101110111110000
146Paul BainbridgeGeorgina McDonald00:44:4500:25:0001:09:4510101101111100101
152Petra ErikssonDave Aaron00:55:3500:20:0001:15:3511111111011100101
1614Rosanne LightfootKelly McGough01:10:0600:10:0001:20:0613111111111101101
1716Caroline McGoughGordon McGough01:36:0000:05:0001:41:0014111111111101111
1818Barry MoodyJosie Lefevre01:52:2300:00:0001:52:2315111111111111111
1917Neil Enskat Kathy Enskat 02:10:2800:05:0002:15:2814111111111110111
Number correct answers per question19161919141814191818714181118
Question Number123456789101112131415