Virgin London Marathon 2017 Club Entries

Virgin London Marathon 2017 Club Entries

The club has received 2 club entries for the 2017 Virgin London Marathon. To apply for a club place it will be the usual format,

 1)      You will have to be a fully paid up club member for more than 12 months (with the intention or rejoining).

2)      You will have to have received the 'Sorry' refusal magazine from VLM and be able to show it on application.

3)      You will not be able to apply if you have had the guarantee of a `good for age’ place and haven’t used it.

4)      You will not be able to apply if you have received a club place the previous year.

 If it is over subscribed then there will be a ballot for the club places. If there are any spare places then the rules will not apply in descending order.

To apply for a place either let myself or a committee member know before 1st December.

 Important dates to note:

5pm Thursday 1st December 2016 – application for a club place to be handed to the club.

8pm curry night (TBC) December 2016 – ballot and subsequent notification of successful club member

5pm (TBC) January 2016– chosen club members to have completed the entry form and paid for the entry.

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