Training tonight

Tonight’s session

I have changed the session from what was scheduled. Be good to get this session in twice whilst at Ingleby, so we will be doing it again in March.
The signs Goffy put up at 3k and 4k i don’t think are there now, the 5k one is.

We’ll jog from the Myton to St Francis primary school which isn’t far to do the session.
The session is
Minimum: 2 x 3K tempo run
Middle: 2 x 4K tempo run
Maximum: 2 x 5K tempo run
All the routes use the cycle/walk paths looping over the River Tees to Preston Farm around to Eaglescliffe area and the finish lines.
The 3K finish is at the Land Rover dealership garage on an electrical box.
The 4K finish is just before the entrance to Preston Park on an electrical box.
The 5K finish is at the Clairville Hotel just before Eaglescliffe golf club on a lamppost.

Whatever distance you choose it’s to be ran at the same pace but the pace is up to you depending on what race you may be targeting.
Obviously you can’t run at 5K pace for 5K twice but you can do that pace for 3K twice.
Half marathon pace would be a good pace to try and do.
If targeting a marathon in the spring maybe try it at your marathon pace.
Take up to 3 minutes recovery between each tempo run.

See you tonight at the Myton.