Tom’s Top Tips… to running your first marathon.

Not going to pretend I know what I’m talking about here, but these are the things I found really helped me during my first marathon. For more sound advice, I’d speak to our coaches or someone who knows more than me!

  • Stick to a training plan and trust it
    • I went AWOL from club sessions and stuck to a plan which really benefited me (and my wife)
  • Don’t have a new born baby whilst training
    • Its tiring
  • Easy runs make the difference
    • Time on feet, time on achy legs. It makes you stronger.
    • Improved my running form, relaxed my shoulders and stopped my T-rex hands/arms
  • Long runs mean the most
    • Built up the endurance
    • Builds up mental resilience
  • Stretch!
    • Do yoga or a follow a YouTube video. I had runner knee for a part of my training and this instantly offered relief
    • Don’t’ miss them out or strength & conditioning sessions. Is the easy one to leave out
  • Have a few targets for the race
    • Mine was:
      • Finish it
      • Sub 4hr
      • Sub 3hr 30min
  • Stick to a race plan
    • Stick to your pace best you can, but don’t worry if it fall off. Finishing it is more important
    • Take gels and water on like you did in training, try not to do anything different
  • Expect it to hurt
    • Because it will
  • A randomer shouting your name does actually help
    • Friends & family cheering you on help more
  • Enjoy it
    • Because you’ve worked hard for it

So if you haven’t done a marathon, give it a go! I don’t think you’ll regret it. We are all different and we all find things which work for us individually, but some of these point might benefit you.