Three First places – one a long distance away.

Before reviewing yesterday's Parkruns, congratulations to everyone who completed the York Marathon today. Some race reports would be welcomed.
Nymac members took first places at 3 events – Harry Potter at Flatts Lane, Phil Jarvis at Stewart Park and the ubiquitous Gareth Wilson at Wroclaw in Poland. This was at least Gareth's second Polish Parkrun and might be his 75th, 76th or 77th different event. Parkrun isn't clear on numbers. Paul Thwaites followed Phil home in second place at Stewart Park. William and Sharon Gayter kept up the pressure on Gareth for most events by adding Catterick to their list, Isobel Russell visited Horsham and 5 members tested them selves against the hill at Flatts Lane.
Here is the link to the full set of results:

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