Saturday saw success on many fronts for Nymac members:
* Jack Hustwitt was first man home at Flatts Lane. 
* Catherine McShane took the womens' honours at Albert Park.
* Mark Edwards and Iona Leigh- Jones completed their 15oth events.
* James Fahey came second at Albert Park in a time of 16min 23secs.
* The Club's major travellers all added another event to their list – Gareth Wilson's 75th at Rothwell, Sharon Gayter's 72nd at Flatts Lane, Phil Jarvis's 49th at Markeaton while both William Gayter and Kerry Jarvis recorded their 48th.
* Following his trip to Florida, Paul Thwaites showed his love of holiday resorts by running at Blackpool.

Here is the link to the full set of results:

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