Some ParkRun statistics

Just for a change here are some figures worked off the ParkRun website:
NYMAC runners have completed 6174 separate runs; 103 members have raced 3883 times at Albert Park and 76 have taken part 1346 times at Stewarts Park. We have 3 members of the 250 Club , David Ainsley, at 303; Eddie Meehan, 2 to go to reach 300 and David Watkins who reached his target of a sub 18 minute time for each month of the year on Saturday. There are 24 vmembers of the 100 Club and 14 in the 50, here they all are:
Number of Events Names
>250 David Ainsley, Eddie Meehan , David Watkins

100-250 Gareth Wilson , Andrew Dobson , Paul McGough, Paul Christon, Brian Fielding, Julian Barwick, Paul Levett, Phil Jarvis, David Claybrook, Paul Gamble, Carl Gaskin, Barry Dunne, Bill Ferguson , Sharon Gayter, Ian Higgins, Phil Hughes – Narborough, Andy Russell, William Gayter, Barry Moody, Ian Wanless, Petra Eriksson , Viv Murphy, David Murphy, Isobel Longley – Cook

50-100 Jonathan Skidmore, Andrew Race, Wayne Bouttell, Paul Mclean, Martin Luxton, Stephen Kelleher, Paul Bainbridge, Mark Edwards, Mark Brown, Doug Welsh, David Robinson , Robert Stocks, Janet Elder, Kerry Jarvis

Last weekend saw 33 members add to the score at Albert & Stewarts Park, Redcar, York, Hartlepool, Darlington and Sedgefield. Here is the link to the results:

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