Some different names, for a change

In a week when 39 Nymac members competed at 11 different Parkrun events, I thought it might be a change to highlight some of the runners who don't often get a mention.
* At Albert Park, David Watkins, Anne Robson, Kerry Jarvis & Janet Elder racked up their 362nd, 273rd, 178th & 136th runs.
*Rob Poynter, Katie Scott, Phil Hughes- Narborough & Jeff Belt travelled to Sewerby, Mile End & Graves.
* Barry Dunne & Julian Barwick raced for the 278th & 199th time at Tees Barrage.
* At Stewart Park, Eddie Meehan, Mike Knox, Paul Christon, Paul Gamble, Richard Barnes & Bill Rutherford completed their 415th, 302nd, 299th, 202th, 199th, 156th & 133rd events.
* Paul Thwaites ran his 178th race at Northallerton.
Here is the link to the full set of results:

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