Race report from South park 20 – Jack Hustwitt

South Park 20 miler
Some 90 odd runners decided that running 20 Laps of a park would be great fun, with Paul Mclean and I entering from NYMAC. The real reason we were all here was training for a marathon. After bumping into Paul before the start we had a chat and he asked if I wanted to do a warm up lap with him, as if 20 laps wasn’t enough! Once the whistle was blown we were off, with Paul being somewhere in the distance, I found a decent paced crowd who were running faster than I intended and tried to stay with them, with the intention of dropping off but 10 laps in I was still with them, although I could feel it! With it being lots of laps we were constantly overtaking slower runners and encouraging them as well as the faster runners running past us. The overtaking felt good until Paul flew passed me, in true NYMAC fashion we complimented each other’s running, and then Paul was flying again. Towards the end I was really struggling but knew there wasn’t many laps left and carried on. I really enjoyed the race with lots of overtaking and great for maintaining my pace.

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