Partnership/Twinning with Portuguese Club “Tugas on Tour”

I was approached recently, by the running club in Portugal I have trained with, about the possibility of a partnership/twinning arrangement between our two clubs. The committee has agreed to go ahead with this, although it is not clear yet as to exactly how it could work. The club is called “Tugas on Tour Associacao Desportiva” and is based in Tavira in the east Algarve, about 45-50 minutes from Faro airport. They are a small, but friendly and welcoming club with a range of abilities, similar to NYMAC. The sorts of things that might be possible are:

Training with the other club whilst on holiday or visiting the other country.

Entry to local races the other club organise or are involved in. As an example, I ran in their “between the two bridges” 10k race in September this year. Other events include the Faro half marathon, and a race from Spain to Portugal. Further afield are the Lisbon and Oporto marathons, plus events in the western Algarve such as in Portimao and Vilamoura.

Pre-marathon winter training camps.

You can find them on Facebook and Strava. I will meet them again in late January, so will keep you informed of progress.

Martin Luxton