NYMAC Virtual Redcar parkrun

This was the last of our three virtual parkruns, runners had Saturday and Sunday 19/20th December to run the Redcar parkrun route in Locke park.

Some cracking times, Well done all.


Age Grade PositionTime PositionNameGenderTimeClub Champ PointsAge Gr %Age Graded Result
14Douglas HowarthM00:18:465082.37%00:15:46
22Paul McGoughM00:18:194978.16%00:16:37
31Josh AbrookM00:17:004876.47%00:16:59
43Richard FawcettM00:18:334773.38%00:17:42
513Gavin StruthersM00:23:224671.89%00:18:04
614Eddie MeehanM00:24:434569.90%00:18:34
77Mark BehrensM00:20:494469.80%00:18:36
86Stuart TurtonM00:20:374367.93%00:19:07
99Mark BrownM00:21:094267.69%00:19:11
1011Stuart DawesM00:22:004167.57%00:19:13
118David TateM00:21:014065.23%00:19:54
125Tom NyeM00:20:233964.22%00:20:13
1312Jamie TaylorM00:22:353862.47%00:20:47
1415Sharon GayterF00:25:375069.81%00:21:09
1516Alison LloydF00:27:064969.25%00:21:19
1610Kirsty StruthersF00:21:394868.49%00:21:34
1718Philip CawoodM00:28:283756.56%00:22:57
1816Dave RobinsonM00:27:063655.71%00:23:18
1919William GayterM00:28:503554.93%00:23:38

You can use the headers to sort the table if needed.

Age Grade Position: This race was age graded, points are awarded on this position.

Time Position: Position based on actual run time

Club Champ Points: We allocate 50 for 1st place, 49 for 2nd and so on, with separate scores for ladies and gents.

Age Gr %: Age graded percentage score.

Age Graded Result: Time after age grade adjustment.

Current mens club road champs standings here 2020 Road Championships Current Mens Standings

Current ladies road champs standings here 2020 Road Championships Current Ladies Standings

We have one more event left in our road championships calendar, a virtual 5 mile race, run from 26th Dec to 10th Jan, we will enter our 4 fastest male and 4 fastest female times in the EA Virtual Road Relay Competition 2020/21.  See here for details.