NYMAC training

See below message regarding training tonight

Tuesday night nymac track session:
400 metre rep, 100 metre slow jog recovery, 300 metre rep. That’s one set. 90 seconds recovery between each set. Both reps to be ran at 5K pace.
Minimum session – 6 sets.
Middle session – 8 sets.
Maximum session – 10 sets. 
A few things to focus on:
1) Have a big difference in speed between your rep pace and recovery pace – slow the jog right down from the very first rep.
2) Have good form running tall and on your toes.
3) Try to be consistency. If not it’s better to set off steady and build the pace than go out too fast and lose your pace later in the session.
If you’re doing the new Marske 5K race tomorrow then you can do an easy run e.g. the Boro 10K loop.

Thursday night nymac session is 1.4 mile reps on the cycle path. All or both reps to be ran consistently just below your 10K pace. 90 seconds recovery between each.
2 minimum session
3 middle session
4 maximum session
Anyone training for a marathon can run these at their marathon pace if they have an MP session planned this week.
Again if you’re racing at the weekend then you can do a 6 mile easy run from the squash club. Peter K, Dave R are planning on doing that.

I won’t be at either of the sessions as I’m racing the New Marske 5K and racing at the weekend. Can a LiRF take the sessions for me and also let the non-Facebookers know the session please.