NYMAC May Bank Holiday Virtual 10k

Our second “Virtual” 10k in the club road championships, effectively to replace the Northallerton 10k which was this weekend.

We had a windy start to the weekend then a hot bank holiday monday.

Well done the 2 ladies and 18 gents who took up the challenge.


PositionNameDistance kmTime10k TimeClub Champ Points
1Josh Abrook9.8200:35:0700:35:4650
2Dave Watkins10.0000:38:1700:38:1749
3Brian Laverick9.9800:40:3600:40:4148
4Richard Fawcett10.0100:41:2500:41:2347
5Ian Latimer10.0000:42:4100:42:4146
6Mark Behrens10.0000:44:3100:44:3145
7Paul McGough10.0100:44:5000:44:4744
8Stuart Dawes10.0200:46:2500:46:1943
9Jamie Taylor10.0300:48:3800:48:2942
10Mark Brown10.0000:48:3000:48:3041
11David Robinson Snr10.0100:49:5400:49:5140
12Dave Tate10.0000:50:1700:50:1739
13Nicholas Ryan10.0100:50:3400:50:3138
14David Robinson Jnr10.0100:50:5100:50:4837
15Georgina McDonald10.7000:54:3200:50:5850
16Ged Hall9.5200:48:5100:51:1936
17Paul Bainbridge10.0000:51:5100:51:5135
18Laurence Taylor10.0100:57:4900:57:4634
19Paul Levett10.0401:03:5601:03:4133
20Kerry Jarvis10.0201:04:1901:04:1149

Club Champ Points: We allocate 50 for 1st place, 49 for 2nd and so on, with separate scores for ladies and gents.

Current mens club road champs standings here 2020 Road Championships Current Mens Standings

Current ladies road champs standings here 2020 Road Championships Current Ladies Standings


Our next club champs “Virtual” race will the the “Official virtual” Blaydon Race, I will take my results off the official results so you need to enter the actual race here:

Virtual Blaydon Race