NYMAC December Virtual 10k

Our 7th virtual 10k in the club road champs, this replaced Helmsley 10k in our road championship, well done all.


PositionNameGenderDistance kmTime10k TimeClub Champ Points
1Josn AbrookM9.9900:37:5700:37:5950
2Richard FawcettM10.0100:41:2400:41:2249
3Douglas HowarthM10.0000:41:3600:41:3648
4Dave HughesM10.0200:41:4600:41:4147
5Mark BehrensM10.0000:42:5600:42:5646
6Stuart TurtonM10.0100:43:3600:43:3345
7Tom NyeM10.0100:43:5900:43:5644
8Stuart DawesM10.0000:44:3300:44:3343
9Paul McGoughM10.4600:46:4600:44:4342
10Laurence TaylorM10.0100:46:1000:46:0741
11Dave TateM10.0000:46:5700:46:5740
12Ian LatimerM10.0100:47:2500:47:2239
13Peter KeenM9.9700:51:1100:51:2038
14Sharon GayterF9.7700:51:4900:53:0250
15Alison LloydF10.0100:57:5400:57:5149
16David RobinsonM10.0100:59:1700:59:1337
17William GayterM9.6600:59:3101:01:3736
18Paul LevettM10.0601:16:2201:15:5535

You can use the headers to sort the table if needed.

Time Position: Position based on 10k time

Distance km: Actual distance ran

Time: Time for actual distance ran

10k Time: Calculated time for 10km

Club Champ Points: We allocate 50 for 1st place, 49 for 2nd and so on, with separate scores for ladies and gents.

Current mens club road champs standings here 2020 Road Championships Current Mens Standings

Current ladies road champs standings here 2020 Road Championships Current Ladies Standings

Our next club road champs “Virtual” race is our first 8 mile race , weekend of 12/13th December.