NYMAC 2015 Fell Championship Table Update

NYMAC 2015 Fell Championship Table Update

Two races in after Blakey Blitz and I’ve somehow managed to get an early lead! Eddie is going to be super motivated this year though after missing out by a point last year and he’s already breathing down my neck. It was Stef McLoughlin who got the best age cat score after Blakey Blitz with 3rd to move into joint third place overall with Mark Edwards.

In the women’s Di Jobson scored an age cat win to take an early lead but Caroline Graham looks like she will be providing a strong challenge this year.

The early leaders are listed below.

Three counters in quick succession now with the Guisbrough 3 Tops, the rearranged Broughton Woods Wobble and the Yorkshire 3 Peaks all in April, so I’m sure the tables will look quite different after that.

1. Paul Christon 51
2. Eddie Meehan 48
3. Stef McLoughlin 45
3. Mark Edwards 45
5. Paul Lowe 25
5. Doug Welsh 25
7. Bob Howe 24
8. David Robinson 23
8. Barry Moody 23
10. Wayne Boutell 20
10. Bill Pennell 20

1. Di Jobson 30
2. Caroline Graham 29
3. Lucy Clough 21
3. Maddie Whyte 21
5. Helen Duggleby 20
6. Kirsty Struthers 16
6. Angela Ackerley 16
8. Petra Eriksson 8
9. Katie Scott 6

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