NYMAC 2014 Fell Championship Update

NYMAC 2014 Fell Championship Update

We’re just about halfway through the championship now and here’s the latest table including results from the 3 Peaks, Swaledale Marathon and Roseberry Romp. 

The men’s is looking like a battle between Eddie Meehan and Gary Thoms at the moment with Phil Hughes-Narborough in 3rd. Meanwhile in the ladies Di Jobson has a healthy lead over Caroline Graham with Claire Lowe in third.

If you are not on here or are in the lower regions of the table don't give up hope!  There are plenty of races left to get your 6 best scores in (we are only 9 races in to 21) so a lot of time to improve.  Points are awarded for position in age category combined with the severity/level of competition of the race.

Next counting races are: Osmotherly Phoenix, Borrowdale Fell Race (20 point bonus) and the Gribdale Gallop.

1.Eddie Meehan                         104
2.Gary Thoms                            98
3.Phil Hughes-Nar'ough             55
4.Kevin McLoughlin                    54
5.Gary Burnip                             46
6.Paul Christon                          42
7.Gareth Wilson                         37
8.Bryan Saysell                          29
9.Ged Dixon                               29
10.Mark Potter                              26
11.David Allison                           25
12.Sam Healy                              21
13.Paul Lowe                               19
14.Doug Welsh                            18
15.Richard Clarke                        18
16.Bob Howe                               17
17.Stef McLoughlin                      17
18.John Serginson                       16
19.Stephen Hutchinson               16
20.Paul Godley                             15
21.Paul Bainbridge                       14
22.Christopher Wright                 12
23.Rob Eveson                            11
24.Julian Barwick                         10
25.Jeff Belt                                   6
26.Ian Wanless                            6
27.Paul Levett                              5
28.Bill Pennell                              4
29.Ian Hodgson                            3
30.David Murphy                          3
31.Nick Simmons                        2
32.Mark Behrens                          1
33.Paul McGough                        1
34.Jon Skidmore                          1
35.Ian Higgins                              1

1.Di Jobson                                117
2.Caroline Graham                    40
3.Claire Lowe                             18
4.Viv Murphy                               17
5.Helen Duggleby                       13
6.Lucy Clough                            11

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