Mulgrave 10K Update

Please see the following update from the organisers of the Mulgrave 10K near Whitby.

I sent out details of the above race about a month ago. Since then we have been able to alter the course so that the race will be totally traffic free within the confines of the Mulgrave Estate. The estate is a mixture of woodland and open park and is situated near Sandsend which in its self is approx 2 miles from Whitby.
The gardens of the estate are only open 4 times per year and the date of the race coincides with one of these occasions.
Registration etc will be held at the Sports centre in Lythe with full changing facilities and a superb canteen available both before and after the race.
Junior races will take place on the sports field before the 10k.
All proceeds from the race will go to  Mulgrave Community Sports who do a tremendous amount of work for the juniors and the seniors in the area.
I am convinced that this will be best off road 10k in the Northern Region.
Full details are on

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