Locke Park 20Ten Race Report and Photos

The choice was Thirsk 10 mile or the double choice of Locke Park 10 mile or 20 mile, on the same course. The weather fortunately changed from yesterday and was perfect for running, sunny, cool but a little windy. 4 nymac runners did the 20 mile run with Paul McClean taking overall 3rd spot after leading the race for the first quarter of a mile. Good runs from Catherine McShane and Mark Berhens who were both using the 20 mile run for marathon training, Catherine just pipping Mark at the post and a fantastic run from Carolyn Gale who easily finished first in category in a time of 3hrs 26min 56sec. In the 10 mile (easy option) run there was a first in cat for Eddie Meehan and second in category for Paul Lyons. Good support from Mark Brown and David Robinson. Thanks for the photos Dave!

Report – A. Tupper.

Full set of Locke Park 20Ten photos on Flickr

Selection of NYMAC runner photos

Results for both races