Leeds 10K

Another decent turnout at Leeds 10K on Sunday despite conditions not being as good as previous years with a swirling wind.  Still some good times though, first home was Wayne Bouttell ducking under 36 minutes with Kev Mac just over a minute behind.

Not sure if there were any PB's, let me know if so, or if anyone is missing, the official results are not great.

I'm pretty sure Kerry didn't run, any ideas who took your place?

Wayne Bouttell M40 00:35:53
Kevin Mcloughlin M45 00:37:06
Phil Jarvis M45 00:37:55
Stefan Mcloughlin MSEN 00:38:41
Brian Laverick M50 00:39:30
Jon Parker MSEN 00:39:43
Andrew Dobson M45 00:39:55
Jeff Belt M45 00:41:20
Simon Harper M50 00:41:46
Catherine McShane F40 00:42:48
Darren Clements MSEN 00:42:52
Richard Barnes M50 00:45:48
Martin Luxton M60 00:46:02
David Robinson M45 00:47:07
Kerry Jarvis F45 00:48:19

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