Fell Update July\August 2013

Fell Update July/August 2013

It’s been a while since the last report so quite a lot to get through

Monday Evening Fell Runs:

These have been running through most of the summer and have been regularly attracting 7 or 8.  The last two will be:

12/8    Gribdale car park 6pm

19/8    Guisborough Rugby Club 6.30pm

What happens over the winter I’m not sure yet as I haven’t quite worked out what I’ll be doing, but it would be good to keep a run going, whether I’m involved or not.  If anyone has any suggestions please email me.

Race updates

Too much has gone on to report things in detail with a lot of races over the last two months with the Esk Valley Races, the Osmotherly Phoenix and the National Trust Bransdale race.  In brief good performances from Brian Saysell, Paul Lowe, Nick Simmons, Gareth Wilson, Julian Barwick, Gary Thoms, Di Jobson, Sharon Gayter, Georgie Hill and Maddie Whyte.  In the recent Gribdale Gallop race in particular good team performances with the men winning and the women taking third place.

Fell Championship Latest

This is now starting to take shape with 11 out of the 19 counting races completed, though the Bransdale result wasn’t available as I wrote this.  33 men and 9 women have now completed at least one race.  The leading contenders are:

  1. Sharon Gayter          74 (from 4 races)
  2. Di Jobson                  70 (from 4 races)
  3. Brian Saysell              65 (from 4 races)
  4. Mark Edwards           59 (from 4 races)
  5. Julian Barwick          54 (from 3 races)
  6. Georgie Hill               49 (from 3 races)
  7. Nick Simmons          49 (from 4 races)
  8. William Gayter          39 (from 3 races)
  9. Paul Lowe                 38 (from 2 races)
  10. Kev McLoughlin       37 (from 2 races)

Remember it’s calculated on performances in age category, 20 for a win, 19 for second and so on and it’s your best 6 results to count.  The next counters are: Hanging Stone Leap, Guisborough Grunt and Roseberry Topping.


Paul Christon

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