Fell update – April 2017

Well done to everyone who completed the Gisborough Moors race last weekend, with excellent performances from Eddie (again!) and Kirsty Struthers who both won their categories. There were also a few good runners up.

The Ladies also won the ladies race, with the mens team coming second.

This has changed things in the ladies fell champs with Kirsty closing in on Iona. Eddie has extended his lead with Kev deciding to do the Duathlon instead.

Well done also to David Allison who did well last week at the moors race and has finished the tough 3 peaks race today in about 4 and half hours, getting some training in for Jura by the look of things.

This was the last of the winter series, next up is the Fox & Hounds chase at Ainthorpe near Castleton (starting @7pm). I've done this race before and it was a good race, it is about 9 miles long so could be getting chilly and dark by the end, so if you are thinking of doing it be prepared. It also carries 5 bonus points.


Abbreviated standings so far


Eddie Meehan 122

David Hughes 104

Julian Barwick 78

Kevin McLoughlin 70

Jon Skidmore 57

David Allison 49

Mark Brown 45

Rob Jones 45

Paul McGough 45

Paul Lyons 39

Stef McLoughlin 37

Simon Harper 36

Nick Simmons 34

Mike Knox 30

Ged Dixon 29

Bryan Saysell 28

Paul Lowe 25

Doug Welsh 23

Bob Howe 22

Jim Robson 22

Barry Manning 22

Bref O'Rourke 21

Mark Edwards 20



Iona Leigh 80

Kirsty Struthers 77

Kimberley Skiba 50

Di Jobson 46

Helen Duggleby 43

Maria Clemmit 42

Angela Ackerley 33

Sharon Gayter 29

Helen Simmons 24

Anne Robson 20

Ann Marie Wilson 14

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