Fell Update

Monday runs – the runs scheduled for summer have ended now. Let me know if you want me to continue them over the winter. That would mean headtorches needed from late September.
Club Fell Champs – with Esk Valley race organiser Dave Parry being unwell we have lost the Gribdale Gallop which was cancelled. As a replacement i will include results from the 3 Tops next Sunday and bearing in mind that it is an English Champs counter people will get 10 bonus points on top of their age cat score. I may be marshalling this for them so I’ll give you a cheer.
No other counting races have been cancelled at this point so this will be the only change at the moment. The next 2 counters after this are: the Viking Chase on 20th Sept and Roseberry Topping on 30th Sept unless you managed to enter the Ben Nevis race this Saturday?

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