Even further North

I wasn’t going to put anything out this week, having been away for a while but when I looked at Saturday’s Parkrun results, I felt that I had no choice.
First of all, David Allison ran at Bressay, in the Shetlands, where you have to catch a ferry from Lerwick before the start. Then, to beat that, David Claybrook experienced the joys of running even closer to the Arctic Circle at Tokoinranta in Finland. At the other end of the compass, Doug Howarth was another islander at Jersey while Iain Hall completed something called the full Ponty at Pontypool and Sarah Towers ran at Berkeley Green in Gloucestershire (handy for the Dursley Dozen if there are any masochists out there).
Here is the full list:https://www.parkrun.com/results/consolidatedclub/?clubNum=2847