Club Subs 2013

The annual club subscriptions were due on February 1st 2013. Unfortunately due to England Athletics increases (from £5.00 to £10.00) we have had to increase the subs this year accordingly. This year’s subs are as follows: –

Adult (16 and over)         £15.00
Student (competitive)     £12.00
Non Competitive/Social   £5.00
Unwaged                        £5.00

There are still 30+ people who haven't renewed their subs or notified the club they are resigning.  Club rules state that reminders will be sent out by email in April, if renewals are not made the club reserves the right to terminate the membership.  If this is the case any outstanding subs will still need paid before you can join another club, you will also need to pay the full price at races.

Any subs should be sent to the treasurer, the details can be found in the about section of the website.

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