Cleveland Way Relays 2015

Quite few members turned out for the anual Cleveland way relays on Sunday, organised by Martin Dietrich, finishing in 3rd place.

There is a mini report along with the results in the attached documents.


Martin had the following complaint from the owner of the Hambleton Inn:
This is a message from the PRIVATE OWNED HAMBLETON INN.

Yet again after conversation in the past you have used the Hambleton Inn car park which is private. The inn has been closed for several months. i came home, not to get a park in my own garden, some one suggested that it was a derelict inn.
This is my home, not a public car park. The visitors center is a public car park, which i may add you have to pay for!!!
If you had asked for permission i would have asked for a small donation towards the YORKSHIRE AIR AMBULANCE or something of this nature, instead you have arranged again to park here.
This is Trespassing. 
I suggest as as a good will offering that you, or your members that parked here send a donation, to me so that i know! made out in the name of North Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
I will not tolerate this again & will pursue the matter further with the press.
i expect a reply to this email without further delay in the matter.
Angry Regards Tracy Cooper, Owner of The Hambleton Inn.
I have told the lady that I'd ask all that were using the parking donate £2 via txt to the Air Ambulance. Could you please pass on the message!
Did anyone park there?

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