Bob reaches 250

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so looked for a few milestones. Saturday’s Parkruns saw Bob Howe qualify for a Green T shirt by running his 250th at Stewart Park. While over on the coast at Redcar, Mark Behrens clocked up his 200th run. at Stewart Park, Eddie Meehan ran his 658th Parkrun, making him the Club leader in this field. 377 were at Stewart Park so he must know it well.
This week’s tourists were :
Sarah Towers at Pennington Flash in Leigh.
Isobel Russel at Burgess in London
Ian Latimer at Preston Park (The one in Brighton)
Jeff Belt at Herrington Country Park
Darren Clements, David Claybrook and myself savoured the fields on Thorp Perrow
Here is the link to the full set of results: